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Resources for offers access to some of the best video content on the Internet.

Most of the videos featured are produced by Resources for Life Television. We also highlight selected videos by other media outlets.

Photo by Gregory Johnson


What's New [ Top ]


Apple Advertising [ What's New | Top ]

Below are a few videos about Apple advertising including some samples. Click here for the current Apple ads.



"Think Different"

"The Making of Think Different"


Biofuel News from India [ What's New | Top ]

On August 24, the Wall Street Journal reported on India's use of Jatropha as a possible plant for the production of biofuel. (20070824fr1830)


The Fray - How to Save A Life [ What's New | Top ]

The song How to Save a Life was influenced by Isaac Slade of The Fray who worked as a mentor at a camp for troubled teens. The song has sold over two million downloads. It is one of the fifth longest charting singles on the Billboard Hot 100, at 58 consecutive weeks. Click here to view and purchase the video from the iTunes music store. Click here to purchase the album from the iTunes music store. [ | The Fray | | Wikipedia ]


Severn Suzuki - Urgent Global Declaration [ What's New | Top ]

Severn Suzuki is a spokesperson for the Environmental Children's Organization (ECO) -- a group of twelve and thirteen year old children addressing global issues. This video is a message she deivered at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, 3-14 June 1992. (20070529tu1907) Note: Please click the play button only and ignore all other buttons and options which might take you to other YouTube content which may be offensive.


Barack Obama in Iowa City on Earth Day, 22 April 2007 [ What's New | Top ]

Let us know if you would like a copy of the High Definition video on DVD. (20070426th1803)


Montgomery Gentry - Some People Change [ What's New | Top ]

Country Music often tells a story better than any other genre of music. Here's a music video from Montgomery Gentry that is on the top of our list. The audio only version of the song is available here through the iTunes store. (20070222th0038)


World Changing People [ What's New | Top ]

This is a very inspiring video about people who change the world for the better. (20070222th0037)


Multi-Touch Computing Interface [ What's New | Top ]

Jefferson Han has developed a new multi-touch sensitive display and user interface that must be seen to be believed. Similar technology is already being used in the touch pads on Apple notebook computers which can sense if two fingers are touching the pad instead of one. Two fingers can scroll up, down, left, and right, while a single touch will click or select. The multi-touch technology is also seen in the new Apple phone. Jefferson Han's device uses a huge plasma display. Take a look below. You can read more on the website. (20070216fr1735)

Jefferson Han is a fan of ambient techno music. The ambient music soundtrack to this video is the song "Beautiful Strange (Bedrock's Ambient Beats)" which is track 5 on the album Beautiful Strange by the group Bedrock which is John Digweed and Nick Muir. This information was not easy to find and the only two words from the song are beautiful and strange. So, it was only after a Google search on these words and some other text that eventually led to the song and then ordering the CD from a vendor since it isn't readily available in stores or anywhere online. The soundtrack to the video actually begins at about 1 minute and 15 seconds into the song. [Research provided by Gregory Paul Johnson of Resources for Life]


Barack Obama to Announce Run for President [ What's New | Top ]

Minutes ago we received news that Barack Obama will formally declair his campaign for president on Saturday, 10 February 2007. Stay tuned for more details. (20070209fr1544)

Here's the short video from the event on 10 February:

Here is the full video from the event on 10 February:


John and Elizabeth Edwards in Iowa City [ What's New | Top ]

John and Elizabeth Edwards recently came to Iowa city on Saturday, 21 January 2007. Click here for photos and a blog entry for this event.


PBS Affiliate WQPT Features Gregory Johnson and Small House Society [ What's New | Top ]

PBS Affiliate WQPT is currently featuring Gregory Johnson and the Small House Society. Click here to view the video now.

WQPT Small House Society Gregory Johson


Tour of University Camera in Iowa City [ What's New | Top ]

Join host Gregory Johnson as he stops in to visit with Roger Christian, owner of University Camera.

You'll get an opportunity to learn more about all that the store has to offer, including employees with decades of experience, a $250,000 printing system for your photo processing, video production accessories, equipment bags, and more.

This visit was taped on Friday November 24, 2006.


CBS Affiliate KCCI Features Gregory Johnson and Small House Society [ What's New | Top ]

Resources for Life Director Greg Johnson was featured on CBS affiliate KCCI Channel 8 in Des Moines Iowa in a story about his small house. Click here to watch the video now. (20060521su1531)

Gregory has also been featured on National Public Radio's All Things Considered and written about in newspapers such as the New York Times. Click here for more about Greg in the media.



War Commentary by a 4-Year Old [ What's New | Top ]

This is a video commentary from a 4-year old about going into debt to wage war. This video is a response to the State of the Union (SOTU) address by President Bush on 23 January 2007.


30 Days as a Muslim [ What's New | Top ]

This video is from a television program called "30 Days" on FX Networks. The show is created by Morgan Spurlock (of Supersize Me). In this documentary, a young white Christian man from West Virginia lives with a Pakistani Muslim couple in Michigan for a month. They eat, pray, study and live together. The video addresses common misconceptions about Islam. Because it is a balanced documentary style video, it does contain a variety of viewpoints. This video is available on Google and YouTube. It is approximately 44 minutes in length. (20061227we1330)


Video Archives 2006 [ What's New | Top ]

Military Draft. President Bush calls for reinstatement of the Selective Service Military Draft. Reported by ABC News on 20061221th podcast. (20061226tu1611)

Film Aid International. Film Aid International is an organization that uses "the power of film to promote health, strengthen communities, and enrich the lives of the world's vulnerable and uprooted." Click here for the video. (20061224su1426)

Tiny Houses. "Positive change begins at home. So when Dee Williams decided to change her life, that's where she started. In fact, she redefined what 'home' meant, right down to what it was, and where it could go." A film by Mark Hoffman. You can also view the video below at (very nice crisp quality), on Google Video, or on Yahoo Video. (20061224su1501)


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