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Map - Instructions

The map to the right shows Resources for Life from holistic living perspective. You can click on an area to visit the group indicated.

There is no particular order to explore the circle, but you should be growing in each area of your life represented by the various elements of the circle.


Each element of the circle is interdependent and can be effected by every other element. Work around the circle utilizing the resources here to improve your life, your community, and the world.

If you begin with Life Ways and work your way clockwise around the circle, you will notice that each successive area is served by and dependent upon what is before it. Think of the map as a 'dashboard' of indicators that reflect your overall wellness and effectiveness. Remember, you can always return to the map page by clicking the Map link found throughout this site. Here is a brief introduction to the resource groups that serve each area of the map:

Fostering Personal Holistic Peace

One way to foster personal peace is to explore ways to strengthen and secure the major areas of your life: family, faith, health, career, finances, activism, and effectiveness. By taking a holistic approach to wellness, you will allow the various areas of your life to work together synergistically, creating greater well-being. Here are some suggestions:



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