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Isagenix SlimCakes compared to Kashi Tasty Little Cookies

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Summary. Chewy cookies can be a nutritious snack between meals. Isagenix SlimCakes are similar to Kashi TLC Tasty Little Cookies, all natural chewy cookies. The flavor of Kashi cookies being tested is the Oatmeal Raisin Flax. There is also a Happy Trail Mix version. Kashi is certainly in the top 10 and probably in the top 5 of food retailers for the quality and nutritional value of their products.

Flavor. Both brands are equally delicious.

Convenience. The Isagenix cookies are individually wrapped and sold 12 to a box. The Kashi cookies are sold in packs of 8 per box, but not individually wrapped.

Cost. For 720 grams of Isagenix SlimCakes (12 cookies) you’ll spend $34 (or $26 wholesale) plus $9 shipping cost (UPS ground) for a total of $43 (or $35). So, the cost per cookie is about $3.58 retail (or $2.92 wholesale). The cookies are sold in boxes of 12 cookies. By comparison, a box of 8 Kashi cookies is $4.19 making the cost per cookie about 52 cents. However, the Kashi cookies are 30 grams which is half the size of the Isagenix cookies. So, a fair comparison would be to consider the cost per gram. So, the cost of two Kashi cookies is $1.08 to equal the same as one Isagenix cookie costing $3.58 (or $2.92). To put this in perspective, let’s calculate the cost per 100 grams. Isagenix cookies cost $5.97 per 100 grams. Kashi cookies cost $1.75 per 100 grams.

Nutrition. Below is a nutritional comparison between the Isagenix and Kashi products. The comparison is between one 60 gram Isagenix SlimCakes cookie and two Kashi 30 gram cookies (a total weight of 60 grams). Although Protein and Fiber area about the same for both brands, Isagenix has 70 fewer calories, 7 grams less sugar, and half the fat of the Kashi product.

  • Calories. Isagenix 190 calories / Kashi 260 calories
  • Sugar. Isagenix 9 grams / Kashi 16 grams
  • Fat. Isagenix 4 grams / Kashi 8 grams
  • Protein. Isagenix 4 grams / Kashi 4 grams
  • Fiber. Isagenix 9 grams / Kashi 8 grams
  • Vitamins. Isagenix offers A 30%, C 30%, Calcium 20%, Iron 15%, D 30%, E 40%, Thiamin 40%, Riboflavin 40%, Niacin 40%, B6 40%, B12 30%, Biotin 30%, Panthothenic Acid 30%, Zinc 10%. Kashi only lists A, C, Calcium, and Iron which are all at 0%.

Ingredients. The Isagenix product contains rolled oats, wheat flour, semi-sweet chocolate chips (with sugar), Flax meal, extract of chicory, crystalline fructose, maltitol syrup, Date puree, Plum puree, spices, and vitamins added. The Kashi product has seven grains, and also raisins, honey, chicory root fiber, whole flax seeds, walnuts, oat fiber, cinnamon, and other ingredients.

Ingredient Quality. The quality of ingredients used, and the bioavailability of the nutrients contained is always a concern. Neither product indicates on the packaging whether or not the ingredients are organic, non-GMO, or sourced from growers using natural methods. Representatives at Isagenix have stated that many of the ingredients they use are organic, but they just don’t put this information on their packaging.

Conclusion. Ultimately you’ll need to draw your own conclusion about these products. Those sensitive to sugar intake may want to stay away from the Kashi product since it has about twice the sugar of the Isagenix cookie. Because the Kashi cookies are packaged 8 per box, and the cookies are small, you’ll probably end up eating a few more than you might have if they were individually wrapped.

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