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This page lists new posts and any updates to the website. For articles in chronological order by date of content see the Posts page. [View Archive]


2024 Q1 (Jan-Feb-Mar)

  • RFL News 2024 Q1 — The newsletter for the first quarter of 2024 is now available. Posted: 12 Mar 2024 [View]


2023 Q4 (Oct-Nov-Dec)

  • RFL News 2023 Q4 — The newsletter for the fourth quarter of 2023 is now available. Posted 10 Mar 2024. Dated 31 Dec 2023. [View]
  • Rosary Sisters School 2023 — There are several education institutions with the name Rosary Sisters School. This page provides reference materials for each of the prominent schools of that name listed by location in alphabetical order. 24 Dec 2023 [View]
  • “Let Her Go” by Passenger — The song “Let Her Go” by Passenger has been viewed 3.5 billion times for the original video. 24 Nov 2023 [View]
  • Iran Report 2023 — This document provides some context and current news about Iran. 4 Nov 2023 [View]
  • Peacemaker Report 2023 — This document offers commentary on some issues that peacemakers are facing and related topics. 22 Oct 2023 [View]
  • Palestine-Israel Report 2023 — This page provides short topic summaries and resource links relating to Palestine-Israel relations. 10 Oct 2023 [View]

2023 Q3 (Jul-Aug-Sep)

  • DJT Report 2023 — This is a reference page about the former president. 30 Sep 2023 [View]
  • “No Hard Feelings” – Review — This is a review of the 2023 movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Matthew Broderick. 29 Sep 2023 [View]
  • Hyper-Criminality Report 2023 — This page examines hyper-criminality as it impacts the justice system and society. 18 Sep 2023 [View]
  • Lessons from Actors 2023 — This page offers examples of success from actors who faced difficult challenges getting started. 17 Sep 2023 [View]
  • Poor Logic – Low Impact 2023 — An ongoing theme on this website is the study of ineffective and counterproductive initiatives. This page offers news and resources examining how poor logic leads to low impact efforts. 16 Sep 2023 [View]
  • Ozempic Mounjaro Wegovy 2023 — A group of hunger suppressing drugs have become popular for their ability to help promote significant weight loss. This page offers news and resources relating to these drugs. 6 Sep 2023 [View]
  • Unity Through Cooperation — This is a reference document about creating group cohesiveness. 2 Sep 2023 [View]
  • Burger King #RealWhopper — On 30 Aug 2023, closing out this week’s news cycle, is a headline story about a lawsuit addressing Burger King advertising of the Whopper. 31 Aug 2023 [View]
  • What Vivek Got Wrong in Aug 2023 — This document examines some current shortcomings of Vivek’s change in corse and current positions on issues. 27 Aug 2023 [View]
  • Nikki Haley Report 2023 — This document provides news about Nikki Haley in 2023. 26 Aug 2023 [View]
  • Climate Impact on Mental Health 2023 — This document provides news and information relating to the impact of climate extremes on mental health and wellbeing. 18 Aug 2023 [View]
  • Asa Hutchinson Report 2023 — This document provides news and information about Asa Hutchinson. 17 Aug 2023 [View]
  • Democracy Report 2023 — This page provides news highlights relating to the wellbeing of Democracy in the United States. 17 Aug 2023 [View]
  • Francis Suarez Report 2023 — This document provides recent news about Francis Suarez for 2023. 15 Aug 2023 [View]
  • Mike Pence Report 2023 — This page provides an offering of curated news about Mike Pence in 2023. 13 Aug 2023 [View]
  • RFL News 2023 Q3 — The newsletter for the third quarter of 2023 is now available. 12 Aug 2023 [View]
  • Vivek Ramaswamy Report 2023 — This is an evolving reference page offering information about Vivek Ramaswamy. 6 Aug 2023. [View]
  • Nuclear Power News 2023 — This page provides nuclear power news highlights for 2023. 6 Aug 2023 [View]
  • Streaming Video Report 2023 — This page provides a list of featured streaming content for 2023. 5 Aug 2023 [View]
  • Air Travel Report 2023 — This document provides news and reports about air travel. 23 Jul 2023 [View]
  • E-Bike Report 2023 — This document provides e-bike information and resources. 5 Jul 2023 [View]

2023 Q2 (Apr-May-Jun)

The second quarter of the year is upon us. Here’s what’s new for Q2.

  • Rivian News 2023 — This document offers the latest news and information about the electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian, as well as some context and commentary about the EV industry. Posted 21 Jun 2023. [View]
  • Body Image Report 2023 — This document provides news and information about body image altering methods, trends, and outcomes as of 2023. Posted 19 June 2023. [View]
  • Home Exercise Report 2023 — Establishing a home-based workout can save time, save money, and result in fewer excuses to skip a workout. At home, there’s no waiting during circuit training to access a weight station. This document offers some suggestions and considerations for establishing a home workout routine. Posted 15 June 2023. [View]
  • Population Report 2023 — Population topics and issues are regularly in the news. This page offers news and reports for 2023. Posted 5 Jun 2023 [View]
  • Indigenous Report 2023 — Indigenous news and topics have grown in the sphere of broader public awareness due to several factors. This page offers some related commentary and news. Posted 5 Jun 2023 [View]
  • Gender Report 2023 — June is Pride Month, a time when issues of gender become a focus of news and conversation around the world. This report provides reference to a variety of gender-related topics and news updated for 2023. Posted 2 Jun 2023 [View]
  • Target Pride Display 2023 — In May 2023, Target became the focus of a controversy over their Pride Display. Posted 28 May 2023 [View]
  • Sleep Report 2023 — This document provides information about why and how to get better sleep. Posted 22 May 2023 [View]
  • GOP Leadership Report 2023 — This report is an update and continuation of the “GOP Leadership Report 2022” with additional news and commentary for 2023. Posted 13 May 2023 [View]
  • Documents — A page with vintage documents has been added. As they are older reference materials the information is mostly outdated, but may be of interest for research. Posted 30 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Diversity Report 2023 — This page provides some news and information related to the topic of diversity in 2023. Report posted on 23 Apr 2023. [View]
  • Eco News 2023 — This document provides environmental news and information including news of droughts, flooding, rising oceans, and more. 22 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Finance Report 2023 — This page offers some general information about the state of the economy, personal finance, and investing. 22 Apr 2023 [View]
  • COVID Report 2023 — This page provides some reports and news about the ongoing evolution of COVID including new variants and information about long-COVID. 20 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Journalism Report 2023 — This report provides news and information about the state of journalism and news media. 18 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Labor Report 2023 — This document provides news and reports relating to workforce readiness, vocational training, layoffs, wages, unions, unemployment, and the availability of jobs. 17 Apr 2023 [View]
  • U.S. Crisis Report 2023 — This page provides an overview of crisis situations in the United States. 16 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Homeless Report 2023 — This page offers reports and news on homelessness. 14 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Countries in Crisis 2023 — This page provides an overview of countries in crisis as a result of war, natural disasters, economic instability, and social unrest. 14 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Flooding News 2023 — This page has news and reports relating to flooding events in the U.S. and other areas. 13 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Healthcare Report 2023 — This page provides news and reports relating to the state of healthcare in the United States as of 2023. 13 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Gun Safety and Gun Rights 2023 — This document offers news and reports on the latest state of gun safety and gun rights in the United States. 12 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Lebanon News 2023 — This page offers selected news stories about Lebanon. 10 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Artificial Intelligence Report 2023 — At the start of 2023, there has been a flood of news about artificial intelligence reaching an unprecedented level. It’s clear that AI will become increasingly advanced and impactful. This document provides ongoing news updates about the state of AI. 9 Apr 2023 [View]
  • Education Report 2023 — Heading into 2023, the importance and permanence of education is being questioned. This document examines factors that are eroding the perceived value of education. 9 Apr 2023 [View]
  • RFL News 2023 Q2 — The newsletter for the second quarter of 2023 is now available. 8 Apr 2023 [View]

2023 Q1 (Jan-Feb-Mar)

As of January 2023, the latest content will be listed on this page quarterly.

  • Newsletter 2023 Q1 — The newsletter for the first quarter of 2023 is now available. [View]
  • Yearly Themed Reports 2023. In 2022, increasingly, posts took the form of longer articles on topics with numerous news stories and resource links in a single post. These were updated as new relevant information became available. [More]


December 2022

As of December 2022, the website content will no longer be listed seasonally, but instead quarterly beginning in 2023. The newsletters will still be distributed seasonally four times a year.

  • Barbara Walters 2022. This page offers some videos honoring the life of Barbara Walters who passed away on Friday, 30 Dec 2022. [View]
  • 2022 Year in Review. This page contains some videos from news agencies, leaders, and companies offering reflections on the year 2022. 30 Dec 2022 [View]
  • Nancy Pelosi News 2022. This page offers some current news about Nancy Pelosi, as well as links to additional reference and reading. 22 Dec 2022 [View]
  • Quick Mind Exercises 2022. This page contains some mind exercises that are quick, easy, and effective. 22 Dec 2022 [View]
  • Global Economy News 2022. This page contains a few curated news stories relating to the global economy. 16 Dec 2022 [View]
  • Digital Currency Report 2022. This document provides general information and a few curated news stories relating to the state of digital currency at the end of 2022. 16 Dec 2022 [View]
  • Women’s Rights News 2022. This is a 2022 year-end report on the state of women’s rights around the world, with a curated selection of stories. 15 Dec 2022 [View]
  • Fusion Energy News 2022. This document provides current information about vision energy. 14 Dec 2022 [View]
  • China-India Relations 2022. In December 2022, tensions between China and India escalated slightly. This page has information on the topic. 13 Dec 2022 [View]
  • World Wedding Traditions 2022. This page provides a sampling of wedding videos from different cultures around the world. 10 Dec 2022 [View]
  • Direct Action Report 2022. This document provides some recent news reports relating to direct action in 2022, and the context for what we are seeing globally. 8 Dec 2022 [View]
  • Ukraine Tech Services 2022. A report on a few Ukraine-based tech companies. 7 Dec 2022 [View]
  • The Grand Lama of Tibetan Buddhism Has Arrived. At over 28,000 feet, Kangchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world. With a view of the mountain, the community of Darjeeling in the Eastern Himalayas is now welcoming the the Grand Lama of Tibetan Buddhism as reported in this video. 5 Dec 2022 [View]
  • Population Report 2022. This document provides some news and information about the state of our global population. 5 Dec 2022 [View]
  • Politics, Religion, and Governance News 2022. This document provides some news reports relating to the topic of governments run by religious groups. 4 Dec 2022 [View]
  • Resources For Life News – Winter 2022. The quarterly news update. 2 Dec 2022 [View]

2022 Fall (Sep-Oct-Nov)

  • Democratic Party Leadership Report 2022. This page describes the direction and vision of a renewed Democratic Party after a reset in November 2022, marked by the news on 30 Nov 2022 about Hakeem Jeffries, the new House minority leader, originally from Crown Heights. [View]
  • Hassidic Music Sampling 2022. This page offers a selection of Hassidic celebratory songs. Videos below are in chronological order with the most recent at the top. The purpose of this page is to inform and inspire. 30 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Light in Babylon – Music Review 2022. This page offers a sampling of music from the music team known as Light in Babylon. The group was established in 2010 and originates from Istanbul, Turkey. 29 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Mike Pence — So Help Me God. In So Help Me God by Mike Pence, we get an unfiltered candid look at the former Vice President from one of his greatest critics — himself. This page offers some of the information found on the book’s Amazon page. 26 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Condoleezza Rice News 2022. Condoleezza Rice is an American diplomat and political scientist who is the current director of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. This page provides recent news about her as well as some links to more information. 26 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Ebola News 2022. This document provides some news stories in chronological order with entry headings showing the source and date. 26 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Adrift: America in 100 Charts — Scott Galloway. This page offers information and video interviews relating to Scott Galloway’s new book Adrift: America in 100 Charts. 25 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Glengarry Glen Ross. This page provides links to information about the film Glengarry Glen Ross as well as access to watch the film free on YouTube with ads. 25 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Iran News 2022. This document offers some selected news about Iran as of November 2022. 24 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Healthcare Scarcity News 2022. This document provides some information about improving access to healthcare in rural and underserved urban areas. 24 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Qatar News 2022. This document provides some commentary and recent news about Qatar. 22 Nov 2022 [View]
  • The Rules of Advertising. Marketing with video advertising is a fairly formulaic process. This document lists some commonly agreed upon ‘rules’ of advertising that one sees regularly used by companies. As you’ll see, the list includes some sarcasm. 22 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Lessons from Acoustic Sounds. This document is about things we can learn from a vinyl record manufacturer in Salina, Kansas. 21 Nov 2022 [View]
  • GOP Leadership Report 2022. This document provides links to news and resources related to the rebuilding of the Republican Party under new leadership. 20 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Lebanon Report 2022. This document contains selected news reports about Lebanon in 2022 as well as some past context. 20 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Religion Report 2022. This document provides some commentary and news about the state of world religions. A better understanding of diverse views helps promote more effective interactions between people. 19 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Ukraine War News 2022. This page offers recent news about the war in Ukraine. 19 Sep 2022 [View]
  • Tech Industry Jobs Report 2022. In November 2022, massive tech industry layoffs resulted in many thousands of workers abruptly being without employment. This document provides news reports. 18 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Sleep Report 2022. This document provides information about why and how to get better sleep. 17 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Facebook News 2022. This page provides selected news about Facebook with a focus on the decline of the platform. 17 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Social Media Report 2022. This document provides information about the current state of social media platforms and how they impact society. 17 Nov 2022 [View]
  • COVID Report 2022. This document provides some basic information and reports on the state of COVID heading into the winter months. 12 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Book Report 2022. A short essay on the benefits of books and reading, as well as some book recommendations from some enthusiasts. 8 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Twitter News 2022. 6 Nov 2022 [View]
  • Fall 2022 Newsletter. 30 Oct 2022 [View]
  • Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids 2022 — This page offers recent news about over-the-counter hearing aids, also known as audio sound amplifiers. 28 Oct 2022 [View]
  • Ecosystem Restoration Report 2022 — This document provides recent reports on ecosystem restoration. Additional news and reports may be added to this page as they become available. 24 Oct 2022 [View]
  • Thich Nhat Hanh Reference 2022 — This document offers some recent video documentaries and other resources relating to the life and teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. 23 Oct 2022 [View]
  • Baal Shem Tov Reference 2022 — Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer was born on 25 Aug 1698 in Okopy, Ukraine (at that time Poland). By five years of age, in 1703, he was orphaned. In 1712, he was working as a “gabbai” in the service of the local synagogue. Over time, he became known as the Baal Shem Tov or as the Besht. Today he is regarded as the founder of Hasidic Judaism. 22 Oct 2022 [View]
  • WINTER STORM NEWS. Winter arrived two months early from some this year. On 18 Oct 2022, midwest states were unexpectedly hit with with snow reaching as far south as Kentucky and Tennessee. 19 Oct 2022 [View]
  • VICE NEWS OVERVIEW 2022. This is the 2022 overview report offering a periodic check-in to see how the group is doing. 18 Oct 2022 [View]
  • GLOBAL ECONOMY NEWS 2022. General financial reports as of 2022. 16 Oct 2022 [View]
  • WILDLIFE HABITAT NEWS 2022. This page offers general reports of wildlife habitat news and the condition of various species around the world. 13 Oct 2022 [View]
  • GREEN ENERGY REPORT 2022. A collection of video reports for 2022 on the status of green hydrogen with older materials as well. 18 Sep 2022 [View]
  • GREEN HYDROGEN. A collection of video reports for 2022 on the status of green hydrogen with older materials as well. 15 Sep 2022 [View]
  • RISING SEA LEVELS. A collection of recent and older news stories about rising sea levels. 15 Sep 2022 [View]
  • SMALL-SCALE SOLAR. This is a reference page with videos about solar power and battery power packs. 12 Sep 2022. [View]
  • WILDFIRE NEWS 2022. This is a resource page for news about wildfires. 6 Sep 2022. [View]

2022 Summer (June, July, August)

  • GLOBAL FLOODING NEWS. This is a resource page for news about global flooding. 28 Aug 2022 [View]
  • WATER SCARCITY NEWS. This is a resource page for water scarcity news. 24 Aug 2022 [View]
  • THE GREAT TASK. This is a reference page for The Great Task initiative. 18 Aug 2022 [View]
  • SITE VISITOR MAPS. This post provides a look at site visitor locations as of 8 Aug 2022. [View]
  • GARAGE GYM MOVEMENT. The work-from-home trend and electric bikes have resulted in empty garages that are being converted into home gyms. 8 Aug 2022. [View]
  • BYRNA SELF-DEFENSE. This is an article exploring the topic of non-lethal self defense tools. 6 Aug 2022 [View]
  • NEWSLETTER. The summer newsletter is now available. Posted on 6 Aug 2022 with a post date of 1 Jun 2022. [View]

2022 Spring (March, April, May)

  • SPRING NEWSLETTER. The Spring Newsletter covers March through May news and includes additional writings. Posted on 6 Aug 2022 with a post date of 1 Mar 2022. [View]
  • TAGLINE CHANGE. For many years, the Resources For Life tagline has been “Resources for Better Living.” In April, some variations were tested such as “Live Better” but ultimately by the end of the month the tagline was set to Iowa City | USA without quotes. This is to help distinguish the site from other similarly named entities elsewhere in the world. It should also help anyone searching for this site since they will likely include Iowa City in their search term. (2 May 2022)
  • NEW THEME. The website is now using the Twenty Twenty One developed by WordPress. It is a fast simple theme that supports dark mode. (16 Apr 2022)
  • SITE UPGRADE. In the Spring of 2022, the site is being redesigned. Stay tuned for more details. (15 Apr 2022)


2021 Winter (December through February 2022)

  • News – Winter 2021. A newsletter was sent out on 2 May 2022 covering news for the winter months. [Read]

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