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Population Report 2023

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Summary Population topics and issues are regularly in the news. This page offers news and reports for 2023. For more, read Population Report 2022 and also the Population Resources page. Gardening The gardening image at the top of this page shows quality of life that’s made possible by clean air, quality soil, flourishing pollinators, food… Continue reading Population Report 2023

Indigenous Report 2023

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Summary Indigenous news and topics have grown in the sphere of broader public awareness due to several factors. This page offers some related commentary and news. Maturing in Character A thoughtful individual has awareness of context and surroundings. One begins to look around to see others and consider them — perhaps expressed as holding the… Continue reading Indigenous Report 2023

Gender Report 2023

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Summary June is Pride Month — a time when issues of gender become a focus of news and conversation around the world. This report provides reference to a variety of gender-related topics and news updated for 2023. This is an evolving document and will be updated over time. For more related to this topic, read… Continue reading Gender Report 2023

Target Pride Display 2023

Summary In May 2023, Target became the focus of a controversy over their Pride Display. Some products presented on a few shelves were setup in preparation for Pride Month which is observed in June to support the LGBTQIA+ community. Those opposed to the queer-themed products described them as a satanic effort to push transgender clothing… Continue reading Target Pride Display 2023

Sleep Report 2023

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Summary This document provides information about why and how to get better sleep. Entries are chronological with the most recent at the top. The title of each entry includes the source and date. Last year’s sleep report is also available. [View 2022 Report] PBS NewsHour (21 May 2023) “Not getting enough sleep? Here’s how researchers… Continue reading Sleep Report 2023

GOP Leadership Report 2023

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Summary This report is an update and continuation of the “GOP Leadership Report 2022” with additional news and commentary for 2023. The general framework and direction of the report is established in this preliminary version. More content will be added to this report in the months ahead. Reset or Rebrand As was discussed in the… Continue reading GOP Leadership Report 2023

Napoleon Hill: “You are the master of your destiny.”

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“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” ~ Napoleon Hill Background Quotes have not been posted to this website since April 2012, about 11 years ago. At that time some quotes were posted to the… Continue reading Napoleon Hill: “You are the master of your destiny.”

Diversity Report 2023

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Summary This page provides some news and information related to the topic of diversity in 2023. There are people who support diversity initiatives and those who resist them. This document seeks to provide basic information about diversity. A brief overview of the diversity criticisms is provided, but the rest of this document focuses on benefits… Continue reading Diversity Report 2023

Eco News 2023

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Summary This document provides environmental news and information including news of droughts, flooding, rising oceans, and more. Entries are listed in chronological order with source and date in the heading. For an expanded report on flooding, read “Flooding News 2023.” News 10 Tampa Bay (4 Jun 2023) “Seaweed containing deadly flesh-eating bacteria found at some… Continue reading Eco News 2023

Finance Report 2023

Summary This page offers some general information about the state of the economy, personal finance, and investing. Stories below are listed in chronological order with the source and date used for each entry heading. For news about the job market, read “Labor Report 2023.” News CBS (26 May 2023) “U.S. consumers have $986 billion in… Continue reading Finance Report 2023

COVID Report 2023

Summary This page provides some reports and news about the ongoing evolution of COVID including new variants and information about long-COVID. Entries below are in chronological order with the source and date shown in each heading. News Fox 32 Chicago (20 Apr 2023) “Chicago researchers report findings in long-Covid study” — Northwestern Medicine is releasing… Continue reading COVID Report 2023

Journalism Report 2023

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Summary This report provides news and information about the state of journalism and news media. This is an evolving reference, so check back for the latest updates. Entries below are in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Headings show the source and date of each entry. Topics The following topics are presented… Continue reading Journalism Report 2023