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Lakota and Native American Flutes


As an instrument, the Lakota Flute is relatively easy to play, yet it also offers the use of more advanced techniques to create a wide range of sounds including pitch bending. The Lakota flute can be played naturally, or used with digital recording effects such as those available with Garageband music recording and production software from Apple.

Flute Makers

Sources for Lakota flutes are listed here. As you will see from these websites, some flutes are ornately crafted and artistic while others are plain and simple.

  • Ancient Territories Flutes by John Stillwell – “I have been a craftsman throughout my life. Each day as I work at making Native American style flutes my craftsmanship continues to evolve and improve. This takes place through a process of personal dedication, experimentation and respect for the source of my inspiration. Ancient Territories Native American style flutes are hand crafted musical instruments. I hope that the craftsmanship, sound quality and appearance of these flutes inspires your playing. The Native American style flute that I make for you is something that you will enjoy and treasure.”
  • BruceBeckerFlutes.com – “I make my flutes of various fine hardwoods, and some of Cedar, Maple, Cherry  or other exotic woods. The woods most often used are Curly Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Redheart (a beautiful, rich, deep red-colored wood), and Paduk (an orangish-red wood which deepens in color with age).”
  • HeartSongFlutes.com – “Rated a top buyer’s choice for quality and craftsmanship, since 1994 the beautiful hand crafted Flute lines offered by JP Gomez continue to satisfy Flute player enthusiasts and professional Flautists from around the world that have been looking for a time-tested quality instrument and also to become tomorrow’s collectibles.”
  • LittleLeaf.com Listing – “Here at Littleleaf.Com, we are pleased to offer you one of the most popular, comprehensive listings today on the Internet with links to many Native American flute makers, native-heart flute makers, and flute related items from around the country and abroad.”
  • Waking-Spirit.com – “It is my belief that Grandfather (the Creator) has bestowed upon me a magnificent and extraordinary gift for creating Native American Flutes. I am truly honored and accept his gift with humility. As a full-time flute maker, I feel I need to share this gift with anyone who has an interest in these wonderful instruments.”
  • Wind-Dancer-Flutes.com – “These Native American flutes are custom made to fit the spirit of your music. Each flute embodies the delicate and careful work that can only be achieved by a Master Flute Maker. Wind Dancer Cedar Flutes are becoming well known for their artistic expression and concert quality tuning.”
  • Zadjik.com Listing – ” It should be noted that on this list, several links have been removed where the site has not been updated in years and it cannot be ascertained that the flutemaker is still making flutes. Plus there are one or two sites not listed because the maker disparages other makers and that is not acceptable to me. Everyone has gifts and everyone is at different places in their journey to develop those gifts to its utmost.”

Humpback Whales Respond

The video below shows humpback whales responding to flute music.

Video Tour

Below is a video tour of the website Ancient Territories Flutes by John Stillwell.

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