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Drinking Organic India Variety Tea Daily for Health – Water Heat Preparation Boiling Tips


Summary. Drinking tea in the morning, throughout the day, and at night is a good practice that should help reduce hunger, calm stress, remove toxins, increase the immune system, and result in better health.

Preparation. When water is heated to a full boil and then immediately poured in the cup with the tea bag, this can produce a more bitter and less enjoyable tea. The flavor is almost as if the tea has been burned. Instead, allow the water to be brought to almost boiling, where the bubbles forming on the bottom of your tea pot or pan are just starting to form. At this lower than boiling temperature, when the water is applied to the tea, it will make a sweeter and more enjoyable tea. Some people use a thermometer to find the optimal water temperature for making their tea.

Squeeze or Suck the Tea Bag. Additional nutrients of the tea can be squeezed out of the bag when you are done drinking your cup of tea. Sucking the tea bag is another way to get the last few drops of tea.

Choosing Organic Tea. There are many benefits to consuming organic beverages, foods, and products. The farming of organic ingredients is better for the environment. The use and consumption of organic products is better for the body due to lower levels of toxins.

Daily Variety. Having a daily variety of tea is helpful. One practice is to have seven teas – one for each day of the week. On Sunday, you can drink the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday teas. On Monday, you can drink the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday teas, and so on throughout the week. In the same way that cross training in physical exercise benefits the body, hybrid tea consumption can offer additional benefits. Below is a photo of seven varieties of Organic India teas organized by weekday from Sunday to Saturday.

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By Greg Johnson

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