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Truth in 24 – Audi R10 TDI Documentary – 2008 Le Mans Grand Prix De France – Movie Film Video Review Trailer

In the 2008 movie Truth in 24, Audi teamed up with NFL Films and Intersport to produce an award-winning one-hour and 38-minute documentary about the Audi R10 TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) racing car (replaced by the Audi R15 TDI in 2009). The movie also offers a very nice overview of Le Mans Grand Prix De France and the sport of auto racing in general. The movie features commentaries from technicians and drivers from Audi, Peugeot, Porsche, and others.

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Amazing Facts

Here are some amazing facts about Le Mans:

  • Champagne. The spraying of Champagne in celebration was first practiced at Le Mans.
  • Distance. The total distance traveled in 24 hours is over 3000 miles.
  • Horsepower. The cars in the race (almost 50) have a cumulative of about 30,000 horsepower.
  • Popularity. The town of Le Mans is about 150,000 in population. However, in the 2nd week of June, about half a million people from all over the world come to the city for the race.
  • Roads. More than half the race course consists of public roads.
  • Speed. In about 3 minutes and 23 seconds, a racer will cover more than 8.5 miles (13.65 km). That is equal to about 150 miles per hour average speed with top speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour.
  • Tires. Over 8000 tires are prepared for the 24 hour race.
  • Weather. Rain or other slight changes in weather can determine strategy, such as what tires will be used. During the race, Audi has their own weather radar and a technical specialist trained in meteorology to estimate rainfall within an accuracy of 3 minutes.

Excellent Quality Video

The movie contains some classic historical footage, but primarily seems to be presented in very nice quality high definition. The movie is rated as 9 of 10 stars at IMDb (Internet Movie Database). It’s fascinating to see the difference in video quality from the 2007 video excerpts compared to the 2008 video with the introduction of High Definition video. The video is said to be, “one of the best, if not the best, motorsports documentaries of all time.” [source] On some occasions, the camera focus would drift from a drop of water, a blade of grass, or a flower (52:57) and then focus back on the cars racing by. The multiplicity of camera angles and editing produce a God’s Eye View of the event. This is an amazingly poetic and artistic form of videography similar to the techniques used in Dakar the Movie.

Free Download. Considering the movie has been produced with the quality of a feature film using the best video production technology, it is very gracious of Audi to offer the movie as a free download on Apple iTunes.


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Full Movie

Below is the full movie.

Truth in 24 II – The Sequel

The Le Mans 24 Hours are a legend. They are mentioned in the same breath as the Rallye Monte Carlo, the Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500. Since 1923, hundreds of thousands of motorsport enthusiasts have been flocking to La Sarthe year by year to experience the one-day race. To watch the protagonists in their sports cars battle for each place and each meter of tarmac with bated breath. The drivers cover 4,800 kilometers in 24 hours – almost as many as the Formula One racers in a whole year.

The film TRUTH IN 24 II documents the tenth and arguably most emotional triumph of the brand with the four rings at this sports car classic. After two Audi R18 TDI cars have retired following spectacular accidents, the remaining Audi fights a dramatic battle for overall victory with the three Peugeot 908 cars which the Audi trio ultimately decides in its favor with a narrow margin of 13 seconds. The film captures the entire drama of the fourth-narrowest running of the Le Mans 24 Hours with intimate insights into the team of Audi Sport and breath-taking pictures.

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