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Sears ProForm 390 E Elliptical – User Videos

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The ProForm 390E Elliptical machine is a product manufactured exclusively for Sears, so product support from ProForm is not available. This page provides information about the unit along with an instructional two-part video describing delivery and setup.

NOTE: This document was originally posted on 9 Mar 2010. It has been slightly revised as of 19 Dec 2023.

Support from Sears

Since Sears is the primary beneficiary of the profits of retail sales for this item, they would be solely responsible for its support. It has been many years since 2010 when this document was created. It’s unlikely Sears still offers support for the device.


Below are two short videos showing delivery and setup instructions including important information about usage to avoid damage to the unit.

Video 1 of 2 – Delivery and Unpacking (below)

Video 2 of 2 – Setup and Usage (below)

Power Cord Attachment Video (below)

Useful Links

Below were some useful links for more information on the ProForm 390 E elliptical system. However, they no longer work.

  • AC to DC 6 Volt Power Adapter – This is the Nordic Track brand power adapter that works with this elliptical machine. [Old Link]
  • ProForm 390 E Product Page at Sears.com [Old Link]
  • ProForm 390 E User’s Manual and Setup Guide in PDF Format [Old Link]

Document History

  • 9 Mar 2010 — Document first posted.
  • 19 Dec 2023 — Document updated to WordPress Block Layout design. Title originally was “ProForm 390 E Elliptical from Sears – Assembly and Support Documentation.” Changed to “Sears ProForm 390 E Elliptical – User Videos.” The broken links were renamed to “Old Link” and moved to the bottom of the document. Embedded videos with Macromedia HTML code were updated to work with current WordPress standards.

By Greg Johnson

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