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Light in Babylon – Music Review 2022

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Photo by Selcuk Teke on Pexels.com


This page offers a sampling of music from the music team known as Light in Babylon. The group was established in 2010 and originates from Istanbul, Turkey. Entries below are listed chronologically with the most recent at the top. Dates coincide with the YouTube post date, not necessarily the date of the event or recording.


Here are some links for more information.


“Dror Ikra” – Munich Germany (10 May 2020)

“Michal Elia Kamal – Dror Ikra” — Michal Elia Kamal with Pera Ensemble at the Philharmonic in Munich, Germany of the Piyut “Dror Ikra” The poem ( Piyut) : “Dror Ikra” by Dunash ben Labrat, Faz- Bagdad- Sefarad the 10th century [Source]

“Hinech Yafa” (25 Apr 2018)

About: The singer Michal Elia Kamal from the band “Light in Babylon” being a guest of a singing circle in Tel Aviv called “Unite in Babylon” performing the song “Hinech Yafa”

“Ya Sahra” (15 May 2017)

“Nava Ani” at Vilnius, Lithuania (9 Nov 2015)

“Kipur” at Vilnius, Lithuania (18 Oct 2015)

Documentary (4 Aug 2015)

“Baderech El Hayam” (7 Oct 2014)

Beyoglu, Istanbul (Spring 2014)

Short Version (Below)

Longer Version (Below)

Istanbul (8 Oct 2013)

Istanbul (Oct 2012)

Note from the person who recorded the above video: “Light in Babylon” is a music group from Istanbul. I have met them in October 2012 performing in Istiklal Caddesi. Their performance is very impressive. [Source]

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