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Lebanon News 2023

aerial view of coastal town
Photo by Jo Kassis on Pexels.com


This page offers selected news stories and reports about Lebanon. Today there are three-times as many Lebanese people living abroad than are living in Lebanon. They are doctors, engineers, inventors, and entrepreneurs — all contributing to the communities they live in. This results in a global awareness of Lebanon and an appreciation for the Lebanese people. Thus, Lebanon is known and supported around the world. In 2021, the diaspora contributed 6 billion Euros — more than half the country’s GDP. [Source]


Perhaps you know about Lebanon, it is familiar, but you’re not sure why. This is because Lebanon is woven into present-day culture and back through ancient history. [More]

In the United States, there are 47 cities and towns named after Lebanon. At least ten parks and other locations reference Lebanon such as the Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee.

Lebanon is mentioned 71 times in the Bible. Cedars of Lebanon were used to build the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. Lebanon is a place where Christians, Jews, and Muslims live, and it’s a place known by people of these faiths around the world. It is forever memorialized in their religious texts, and thus considered a sacred land and people.

Archaeology and scientific research reveals significant events of early human history in the area known as Lebanon today.

Helping Lebanon

In our Lebanon Report for 2022, we identified a short list of relief agencies addressing the crisis in Lebanon — Arab.org, Lebanese Red Cross, Save the Children, and USAID. These organizations provide temporary relief in crisis situations. Yet, much more needs to be done to revive the society and economy in Lebanon.

Beit El Baraka

The organization Beit El Baraka recently posted a concise description of what needs to be done, and what is being done, to help restore Lebanon. Beit El Baraka means “house of blessing” and the organization has been providing for immediate needs, but also training people with skills to produce products and services of value. These are effective and impactful long-term practices and services. This is the ongoing transformation needed. [Watch Video | Visit Website] Excerpt from video description:

  • “At Beit el Baraka, we are proud of our commitment to ethics, good governance, and accountability. We believe in transparent communication with our supporters, which is why we release an annual financial statement and impact report that showcase our sound financial management practices and demonstrate the impact of our mission to improve the lives of vulnerable communities all over Lebanon. Without your support, you who believe in our mission and unwavering faith in Lebanon’s future, none of our accomplishments would have been possible. Thank you for not giving up on Lebanon, and thank you for your continued support. We look forward to continuing our work towards a brighter future for Lebanon.” [Watch Video | Visit Website]


News and reports about Lebanon are listed below in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Entry headings show news source and date.

PBS NewsHour (3 Jul 2023)

“Lebanon struggles to emerge from financial crisis and government corruption” — Lebanon has become, for all intents and purposes, a failed state. Its government is rife with corruption and unable to care for its people who suffer chronic and crushing poverty from economic mismanagement and a banking collapse. As special correspondent Leila Molana-Allen reports, the divide between the ruling class and everyone else grows by the day. [Source]

Al Jazeera (13 Apr 2023)

“Lebanon economic crisis: IMF outlines conditions for financial assistance” — Lebanon is facing an economic crisis blamed on years of mismanagement and corruption. It has been relying on emergency assistance from the international community. A bailout from the International Monetary Fund has been proposed as the only realistic chance of recovery. But political and financial elites are refusing. Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut, Lebanon. [Source]

Al Jazeera (10 Apr 2023)

“Lebanon: Sidon clinging to hope in Ramadan amid economic crisis” — Muslims celebrate Ramadan by among other things purchasing gifts for family members and eating special sweets when they break their fast. Lebanon’s economic crisis is making those practices harder for many families. to afford. But one city is looking to change that. Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi reports from Sidon in southern Lebanon, where free entertainment and discounted food is provided. [Source]

Al Jazeera (9 Apr 2023)

“Palestinians in Lebanon: Refugees fed up with latest Israeli raids” — Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon for decades say they are angry at the recent events at Al Aqsa mosque. Earlier this week, Israeli forces twice raided Islam’s third holiest shrine to clear it of worshippers. Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi reports from a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. [Source]

Al Jazeera (31 Mar 2023)

“EU announces funding to help Lebanon’s struggling economy” — The European Union has announced additional funding to help Lebanon deal with its economic crisis. In the past, the support was directed towards Syrian refugees in the country. But more than two million Lebanese need help as the situation is getting worse. Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut, Lebanon. [Source]

Al Jazeera (22 Mar 2023)

“Lebanon economic crisis: Banking system replaced with cash economy” — Lebanon’s economic collapse has devastated its banking sector and turned the nation into a cash-based economy. That has been depriving a nearly bankrupt government from billions of dollars in revenues and driving illicit activity. Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut, Lebanon [Source]

France 24 (3 Mar 2023)

Lebanon’s diaspora to the rescue as country sinks deeper into crisis” — As their country sinks deeper into a financial crisis, more Lebanese people depend on money sent by relatives living abroad to survive. Remittances sent by the Lebanese diaspora, one of the largest in the world, partly explain why Lebanon has not yet descended into social chaos or a popular uprising, despite the country suffering from what the World Bank calls one of the worst financial crises since the mid-19th century. FRANCE 24’s Chloé Domat and Sophie Guignon report. [Source]

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