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Air Travel Report 2023

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This document provides news and reports about air travel as of 2023. On 23 Jul 2023, it was reported by NBC News that 343,000 flights have been delayed in the 55 days since 29 May 2023. In late June, many hundred thousand travelers were grounded due to climate extremes. [Source] It’s expected that climate conditions will worsen and cause increasing challenges with air travel.

Problems during travel are typically due to flight delays causing missed connecting flights. To address this, consider driving to major airports instead of relying on airline travel to those airports. Also, seek the most direct flights possible choosing non-stop flights if possible.


The entries below are in chronological order with headings showing the source and date of each item.

CBS Mornings (25 Jul 2023)

“Airlines pursue new hires amid surging travel demand” — It has been a record-setting summer for travel at the nation’s airports and it has not been smooth sailing. In a special joint investigation, CBS News’ senior transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave teamed up with CBS Stations’ national investigative correspondent Stephen Stock to look at what’s being done to solve the staffing shortage. [Source]

NBC News (23 Jul 2023)

“Climate change to take an increasing toll on air travel, United CEO warns” — Amid a summer of extreme weather and hundreds of thousands of flight delays at the nation’s airports, the CEO of United Airlines said these travel issues could become the new normal due to climate change. NBC News’ Tom Costello reports. [Source]

WFLA News (23 Jul 2023)

“Major storm-related flight delays out of TPA” — Tampa International Airport is seeing more cancellations and delays than usual due to thunderstorms and heavy Sunday traffic. [Source]

CBS NY (16 Jul 2023)

“Storms cause flight delays, cancellations across Tri-State Area” — Sunday’s wild weather caused big headaches for flyers across the Tri-State Area. All three airports are reporting hundreds of flight delays and cancellations. CBS New York’s Naveen Dhaliwal has the latest. [Source]

ABC News NY (28 Jun 2023)

“Hundreds more flight cancellations leave travelers stranded in NY and NJ” — Hundreds of flights had been canceled as of early Wednesday afternoon. Eyewitness News reporter Janice Yu has the latest from Newark Liberty International Airport. [Source]

ABC News (27 Jun 2023)

“Frustration mounts after airlines cancel thousands of flights” — While the FAA is blaming the storms in the Northeast, the CEO of United Airlines is blaming the FAA and staffing shortages. [Source]

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