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Nikki Haley Report 2023

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This document provides news about Nikki Haley in 2023. Entries below are in chronological order with the source and date in the heading.


Fox News (25 Aug 2023)

“‘Vivek was completely wrong’: Nikki Haley doubles down on debate night criticism” — Presidential candidate Nikki Haley joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the Georgia case against former President Trump and provide insight behind her answers at the first Republican debate. [Source]

Bloomberg (24 Aug 2023)

“Nikki Haley on GOP Race, Ukraine, Raising Retirement Age” — Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, former South Carolina governor and former US ambassador to the UN, talks about her performance in the first GOP presidential debate, the war in Ukraine, bringing down inflation and raising the retirement age. She speaks to Joe Mathieu and Annmarie Hordern on “Bloomberg Markets.” [Source]

CBS (24 Aug 2023)

“Nikki Haley pressed on whether Trump is a danger to democracy” — Former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley joins “CBS Mornings” to discuss the first Republican presidential debate. She talks about her foreign policy positions and GOP frontrunner and former President Donald Trump, but didn’t directly answer questions about him. [Source]

“How did Nikki Haley do at the first GOP debate?” — A day after the first Republican primary debate of the 2024 election cycle, Katon Dawson, former South Carolina GOP chair and surrogate for the Nikki Haley campaign, joined CBS News to discuss Haley’s showing Wednesday night. [Source]

GMA (24 Aug 2023)

“Nikki Haley talks Joe Biden and Republican debate” — The former governor of South Carolina and U.N. ambassador discusses the Republican debate and concerns about President Joe Biden’s age if he wins the 2024 presidential election. [Source]

Fox News (20 Aug 2023)

“The media ‘has it wrong’: Nikki Haley” — Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley discusses her campaign ahead of the GOP debates and tells ‘Fox News Sunday’ that the U.S. needs a stronger military to prevent war with China. [Source]

PBS NewsHour (17 Aug 2023)

“WATCH: 5 things to know about Nikki Haley” — Nikki Haley, a former Republican governor from South Carolina, is running in the Republican primary for the 2024 presidential election. She joins a growing field of contenders, like former President Donald Trump, who are all vying for the White House. [Source]

CBS (5 Jun 2023)

“GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley on abortion, China, transgender issues” — Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley outlined her stance on abortion, China and transgender issues in an interview Monday on “CBS Mornings.” [Source]

The Telegraph (14 Feb 2023)

“Republican Nikki Haley launches her 2024 presidential election campaign” — Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley will announce her presidential campaign Wednesday morning, becoming the first challenger to former President Trump in the Republican presidential primary. [Source]

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