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There are very few sound absorbing surfaces, fabrics, or textures in the Mobile Hermitage. The wood surfaces create a warm rich acoustic environment.

Sound waves move freely throughout the Mobile Hermitage due to the minimalist and utilitarian use of surface space and the lack of furnace or other appliance noises. This makes listening to music, or nature, more enjoyable.

Because the exterior walls are coated with solid cedar wood siding and not just thin plastic siding, the Mobile Hermitage can provide a place of quiet solitude in the midst of even more noisy environments. In fact, the Mobile Hermitage has at least three layers of solid wood (two outside and one inside) on all four walls.

In some cases, additional internal woodwork serves as an extra barrier against sound. The walls contain thick acoustic/thermal insulation for even more noise dampening. Storage space also helps dampen outside noises. Once clothes are stored, an additional 2 foot barrier of noise dampening fabric and insulation is achieved in key locations.

If exterior noise is a concern, a smaller space is much easier to soundproof than a large one.

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