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VW Jetta 2008 Blue – Review of Performance

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Summary. This is a review of a Blue 2008 VW Jetta. The car was provided by Enterprise and paid for by Progressive to serve as a replacement vehicle while repairs were being done on an automobile insured by Progressive. The review was conducted on 20080312we.

Performance. With gentle to moderate acceleration, the performance of the car seemed to be diminished in favor of fuel economy. The shift points were more modest causing the car to slowly reach the desired speed. In this way, the engine stayed at a low RPM range (2000 to 3000) from 0 to 60. However, when fully accelerated, the shift points seemed to change in favor of performance, allowing the engine to rev up to about 4000 to 5000 RPM before shifting. This is similar to the mouse setting (acceleration) on a computer that causes the mouse pointer to move a short distance when moved slowly, but a much longer distance when moved fast – even if the mouse itself is only moved a few inches. So the computer system that helps run the car seems to identify when economy and performance are desired. The automatic transmission has a manual override that allows for manual shifting through all 6 speeds/gears. Top speed and 0 to 60 data has not yet been calculated.

Fuel Efficiency. Fuel economy data has not yet been calculated.

Handling. The car is very nimble and responsive. Cornering is excellent.

Seating. The seating is very roomy and the driver’s seat is very adjustable as is the steering wheel.

Parking. Parking the car is very easy because the sharp steering and small exterior size of the car.

Positive Features and Benefits. The following positive features and benefits were identified.

  • automatic 6-speed transmission with selectable manual shifting capability
  • stereo with CD player that is capable of playing MP3 audio from CD
  • two center drink holders
  • soft center arm rest
  • interior driver’s side controls for mirrors, open gas, open trunk,
  • quiet
  • roomy for tall person with seat adjustments that allow for the driver’s and passenger seats to move back to a comfortable position
  • steering tilt and telescoping
  • driver’s seat is very adjustable with motorized recline adjust, manual pump lever to raise and lower, and pull lever for forward/back
  • wiper spray is mist rather than stream, allowing better coverage
  • anti-slip regulation (ASR) ensures that the tire with traction will get more power
  • convenient 12-volt lighter plug on center arm rest
  • small external size but very roomy inside
  • large trunk
  • very responsive handling and cornering yet smooth ride
  • key and remote are all combined in one small unit
  • turn signals on side-view mirror ensure visibility

Drawbacks. The following drawbacks to the vehicle were identified.

  • There is a short delay when the radio is turned on. So, it is possible to unknowingly be turning the volume up way too loud. For this reason, it is best not to turn the radio all the way off. Simply turn the volume down and then back up when desired.
  • Because the wiper spray is a mist rather than a stream, the smell of wiper fluid is very strong inside the cabin because it is more easily sucked into the air intakes at the base of the windshield.
  • There is a window lock switch on the driver’s side door. It has no up or down position so the indicator light is the only way of knowing if the windows are locked. The light is hard to see during the day.

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By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com