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Which Wich Iowa City Sandwich Food Restaurant – Review and Information

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Summary. Which Wich of Iowa City offers fresh baked sandwiches with nutritious ingredients. This review of Which Wich is currently among the top listed items on a Google Blog Search of Iowa City Which WichReviews and additional information are available from Google.

Location. 23 Dubuque Street in Iowa City just south of Prairie Lights Books. See the map at the bottom of this page.

Phone: 319-337-9424 or 319-337-WICH

Fax: 319-337-4197

E-Mail: hawkeyes @ whichwich.net (without spaces)

Wireless Hot Spot: Yes

Local Management. Yes. Although the corporate offices are in Texas, the local Which Which is operated by residents of Iowa City who are native Iowans. One thing that makes Which Wich unique is that a wall is reserved for local public expression in the form of comments and even artwork drawn on sandwich bags. Local newspapers are made available.

Food Options. Which Wich offers amazing fresh baked sandwiches with excellent selection of ingredients and toppings. Also available are chips (including Sun Chips brand), brownies, cookies, rice crispy bars, and milk shakes (with real bananas as an optional ingredient). See the nutritional information downloadable PDF file for a complete listing of foods and ingredients.

Energizing Atmosphere. The atmosphere of Which Wich is all about becoming energized. From the bright icons on the walls and clean surfaces to the upbeat music playing. Most people will probably like this environment. At times, it does make it a little hard to talk on a cell phone or have a quiet conversation. If that’s what you are looking for, you may want to carry out (food is wrapped for easy carry out or eat-in).

Daily Dining. Because of the variety of selection, and fresh ingredients, most people will probably find that Which Wich is enjoyable on a daily basis.

Seating. Inside seating, including window seating, is comfortable and usually available except during peak times.

Cost/Value. For under $6 you can get a filling sandwich that feels like a meal. Such a great value makes it affordable to eat at Which Wich every day.

Double-Punch Tuesdays. On Tuesdays, each sandwich counts as two sandwiches when you request to have your Which Wich card punched. After 10 punches, you get a free sandwich.

Nutrition Assessment. Very few restaurants voluntarily offer comprehensive online nutritional information. In Iowa City, there are many restaurants that provide no nutritional information at all. This makes it very difficult for people trying to keep track of their caloric intake and other nutritional concerns. Which Wich offers their nutritional information as an online downloadable PDF file. This makes it very easy to determine ahead of time what nutritional choices you want to make to optimize protein intake or fiber while reducing calories, sodium, and/or fat. It also makes it easy for those participating in the Weight Watchers program to calculate their points. If you are watching your weight, you may want to avoid the chips, fountain drinks, shakes, cookies, brownies, and rice crispy bars. Choose water as a beverage. The water at Which Wich tastes great and it is available for free from the drink fountain station. For a calorie conscious sandwich, consider a veggie sandwich. Skip the cheese and toppings that are known to be high in fat and calories.

Environmental Impact. Which Wich bakes their sandwiches and this uses some energy. However, the baking system uses a belt conveyor so the oven is relatively small and presumably uses less power than larger ovens. Sandwiches are served using very little waste (wrapped in a paper bag, foil, and then thin paper. The foil is of a quality that it could be taken home and washed for reuse several times over. The “order form” is a bag that goes from customer, to kitchen, and then back to the customer with the sandwich in it. So, a single paper product (renewable) gets used several times. The “napkins” are dispensed from special stainless steel paper towel holders. So, people are free to easily take what they need. Because fresh water is available from the fountain drink station, it’s possible to avoid drinking bottled water or other beverages from containers.

Map. Below is a Google Map showing the location of the Iowa City Which Wich.

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By Greg Johnson

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