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20091013tu-small-house-buildingSummary. The Small-House-Building.com website by Anne Lupton is a wonderful new resource available for small home enthusiasts. It is a beautiful and simply designed site making it enjoyable and easy to navigate.

Anne’s home (pictured at right) uses a relatively small amount of space per person.

Anne describes the inspiration for the site, “A few years ago I built my own small house in a rural setting in Wisconsin. I absolutely loved it! And when I say ‘I built…’ I mean that I actually was the general contractor for the building process, as well as doing a lot of the finish work (mostly trim and wall texturing and painting). I say this not to toot my own horn, but to give inspiration to others, especially women, who want to tackle their own home building project.”

A wealth of information is available on the site for steps to building a small house with details on planning and research, evaluating the building site, saving money, building green, finding small house plans, and more.

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By Greg Johnson

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