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Discovery Channel Renovation Nation Seeks Small Housers in Vermont

Dear Friends of Smaller, Simpler, and Greener Living:As part of the June 4 launch of Planet Green, the producers of “Renovation Nation” on the Discovery Channel are working on a special show about smaller and greener living. For one of their segments, they are looking for small house designers, builders, and dwellers in and around the South Burlington, Vermont area (within 90-minutes of Boston). They hope to feature finished homes, homes being built, and/or a “factory” in the area where small/green homes are constructed.SHOW DESCRIPTION. Here’s a description of the show: “Renovation Nation With Steve Thomas — Greening America One Home at a Time. Watch the new Green Home Movement unfold in real time as Emmy Award winning host Steve Thomas takes us into the exciting world of Green Home Renovations. In his new daily show, Steve visits renovation sites across the country and meets the eco-sensitive homeowners who are making the choice to go Green. He tours factories where manufacturers are creating the next generation of Green Home products and visits Green Homes to see these innovative new products at work.”

WHAT THEY WANT. Here’s what they are looking for:

  1. preferably young family, young couple, or possibly a young (under 40) energetic individual, living in exemplary, quintessential, attractive, and dramatically small homes, or smallish homes with a family of four
  2. in Boston or within 90 minutes of Boston
  3. the more green features the better, such as solar special lumber, or recycled building materials
  4. 5-star energy efficient rating or LEED certification is a plus (but not necessary)
  5. designed and or constructed in the Boston area is a plus (but not necessary)
  6. small house builders or companies similar to Tumbleweed Tiny House Company would be good
  7. availability for on-location video work to be done on an afternoon or day sometime between May 20 and the third week in June

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. If you feel you have what they are looking for, please contact me immediately so I can put you in touch with the appropriate people working on the show. I’ll immediately send you an information sheet and a list of home video guidelines.

CREATE A HOME TOUR VIDEO. You will need to take some digital photos of your home (interior and exterior) and also create a 3-5 minute home-tour video for the producer to review. The video should include you (and anyone else who will potentially be on the show) talking and giving the tour. You can see the TumbleweedHouses.com website for an example of a home walkthrough, or here is a 5 minute video of my home that might give you some ideas about how to do a video of your small home:

Your home-tour video will help the producer get an idea of how comfortable you are on camera. You should point out any energy saving and/or green features of your home.

Thanks for helping to promote simpler, smaller, and greener living!


Gregory Paul Johnson, Director
Resources for Life.com
“Resources for Better Living”
Internet: https://resourcesforlife.com/
E-Mail: g @ resourcesforlife.com (no spaces)
Postal: PO Box 2717, Iowa City, IA 52244-2717 USA
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By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com