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SALE: SPF 15 Sunscreen Only $100 Per Ounce


You’d expect to pay $240 for the 1.8 Shiseido Future Solution LX Daytime Protective Cream SPF 15 PA+ Facial Treatment.

But why pay retail when you can purchase at discount prices?

Click here to save about $60 off the retail price and purchase this amazing sunscreen for about $180.

You might be saying to yourself, “I can get a 12-ounce container of Banana Boat Sport SPF 50 lotion for about $10. Why should I pay about $180 for about 85% less product?”

That’s a good question.

Let’s compare the Banana Boat product to the Shiseido cream.

The Shiseido product, at the discounted price, would be $1209.80 for a 12-ounce bottle.

What makes it $1,200 better than the Banana Boat product?

Well, quite simply, many of the low-end sunscreen products can be greasy when they are applied. Also, who wants to carry around a 12-once bottle?

Shiseido sunscreen. Because you’re worth it.

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com