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Vision Health Wellness, Eye Care, Optics and Optometry


Summary. Proper care of the eyes can ensure healthy vision. Vision wellness is supported through exercise, hydration, nutrition, rest, and other factors. This page provides resources for maximum vision care.

Computer Desktop Wallpaper. Experiment with a few images to use as your computer desktop wallpaper. Images that are fuzzy or difficult to focus on may fatigue and tire the eyes.

Contacts. A benefit to wearing contacts is that, unlike glasses, they don’t need adjusting or cleaning from smudges or fog. They are ideal for sports, bike riding, or winter climates where glasses may fog up.

Exercise. When working at a computer for many hours a day, it is important to take a break every 15 minutes to let the eyes adjust to and focus on something other than the same display all day. A phenomenon similar to repetitive stress can cause the eyes to fatigue when performing the same task all day.

Prescription Eyeglasses. Although prescription eyeglasses and frames sell for hundreds of dollars, they need not be so expensive.

Reading Glasses. There are many benefits to having an inexpensive pair of reading glasses. Today’s smaller digital devices demand more of our eyes by making them work harder at closer distances.

Multiple Prescriptions or Multifocal Contact Lenses. Someone working at a desk job all day may want to consider having multiple prescriptions: one for close-up work and one to be used when driving or wanting to see distant objects with exceptional clarity. Most people have vision correction for nearsightedness or farsightedness. Glasses or contacts attempt to correct for vision challenges without impeding healthy aspects of vision. If someone sees well close up (nearsightedness), but can’t see things far away, their prescription will attempt to bring distant objects into focus without hindering visibility of near objects. However, this usually isn’t perfect. Most people who are near sighted remove their glasses when reading, or they may have a weak distant prescription for contacts so as not to strain their vision when looking at close objects. This is where multiple prescriptions can help. As an alternative to having multiple prescriptions, using multifocal contact lenses is an option. [More…]

Sunglasses. Although sunglasses sell for hundreds of dollars, having quality sunglasses need not be expensive. UV blocking sunglasses with scratch resistant surfaces are available for about $20 or less. It is important to have a strong case to protect the sunglasses from scratching.

Resources. Here are some vision resources.