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Current News

What's New? Click here to find out! We now offer Life News, Life Radio, Life TV, and Life Media. For the latest news and updates, please visit our What's New page, click here. Below you will find a few highlights from previous news stories.

Our News Team

We go to extremes to cover the news you need to know, and our global response meets the critical demands of onsite news coverage. Some destinations may require additional fees to cover international airfare. However, no destination is too difficult.

Please provide information regarding the availability of electricity, food, water, and shelter prior to departure. Travel into or through dangerous, unstable, or infectious areas may cost more depending on Travel Advisory and Intelligence reports. Travel to areas with no access to roads or airstrips will most likely require a helicopter or air drop, additional fees may apply. Our journalists, investigative reporters, and researchers have traveled to the ends-of-the-earth through various venues including:

bulletWalking on the floating grass reads of Lake Titicaca, Peru.
bulletNavigating the sheer cliffs of Machu Picchu, Peru.
bulletEnduring the extreme heat of the Negev Desert in Israel.
bulletTraveling along politically unstable areas in the Middle East such as the West Bank, Har Homa, the Golan Heights, and the Israeli-Lebanon boarder.
bulletHiking through the steep hills of Barcelona, Spain.
bulletClimbing the cliffs of Bogot?, Colombia.
bulletReaching extreme elevations in Ecuador.
bulletTraversing the treacherous streets of Cali and Medellin, Colombia avoiding dangerous encounters with members of the underground drug cartels.
bulletDriving the roads of Mexico.
bulletConducting research on military bases in Panama.
bulletTraveling by bicycle, sometimes over 100 miles a day.
bulletRunning on foot, at times in excess of 23 miles a day.


bulletElections in the Philippines. 15 May 2001. This story comes from M.M. our political correspondent in the Philippines, who is a volunteer for NAMFREL, which is the Citizen's Arm of the Commission on Elections. M.M. writes, "Here in the Philippines, we just had our national and local elections yesterday, and since I don't want to be just an ordinary volunteer, I signed up to be a polling center manager. This is where more of my time was used. Luckily, I have a great partner who was with me all the way. We had to recruit more volunteers to man the precincts in the polling place where I was assigned, then we gave orientations on how to go about the poll watching and the quick counting, then we have to solicit from companies also so that we can at least provide free lunch, snacks, dinner and midnight snacks for the volunteers. The tasks were difficult and challenging. We finally finished our job just this morning, past three a.m. Unlike in the US, almost all of our election process is done manually, that is, the voters write on the ballots their candidates, and after the voting, the teachers assigned to each precinct will count the votes for each candidate. For this election, we have to choose thirteen senators, one congressman, one governor, one vice-governor, one mayor, one vice-mayor and eight councilors. So you can just imagine how long this process takes. We previously had an inefficient, corrupt president (Joseph Estrada), whom our congressmen had filed an impeachment against and the case was brought to the senate. Unfortunately, most senators belong to the president's political party and so when a strong evidence against him which is sealed in an envelope was presented to the impeachment court (made up of our 21 senators), eleven senators voted against the opening of this envelope. The public prosecutors (our congressmen) walked out that fateful night, and many people went to the streets to show their protest against the suppression of truth. In Manila, people went to Edsa and threaten to stay there until Estrada resigns. After a couple of days, many cabinet secretaries resigned and the whole government can not function properly. Then, on the fifth day, the armed forces and the police withdrew their support from Estrada and joined the peaceful rally at Edsa. Several hours later, Estrada left Malacaqang. And Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo assumed office. Now Estrada is facing plunder cases."
bulletResources for Life April 2001 Newsletter. Our April 2001 newsletter  is now online. [click here] (20010408su)
bulletUS Spy Plane Invades Chinese Airspace. During the first days of April, world attention was drawn to a mid-air collision that resulted from a US Spy Plane being in Chinese Airspace. The US government offered no formal apology. This most recent ordeal only added insult to injury in light of the US recently interfering with China's plans to purchase a spy plane from Israel as reported on 8 September 2000 in The Times of India Online [see article] Regarding the botched Spy Plane purchase, the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhu Bangzao, said "During the normal contacts and relations between two states, other countries should not interfere, and if they do, they violate the basic norms of international relations." (20010401-08)
bulletResources for Life March 2001 Newsletter. This month's newsletter comes to you from Clinton, Iowa (USA) where we have setup our mobile operations unit. There were a few typographical errors in the copy we sent out in haste via e-mail. This online version has been corrected and updated. Click here to read the newsletter now. (20010306)
bullet20010219mo. RLI News - "Taliban for the Heartland." The Homeland Defense Agency has been described by some as "Taliban for the Heartland." This new initiative would mobilize and utilize various U.S. military, intelligence, and defense forces to institute domestic law and order whenever necessary. Click here for the complete story including links to relevant information (provided by the Activist Resource Group).

bullet20010215. RLI News - Resources for Life News February 2001. The February Newsletter comes to you from the wilderness of Iowa where we have setup our mobile operations unit near the Coralville Lake. Click here to read the newsletter now.

Virus News Update . . .

20010214. RLI News - Amsterdam, Netherlands. Feb. 14 - A computer hacker was charged today with spreading the Anna Kournikova computer virus that jammed e-mail systems and hundreds of thousands of computers from Australia to the United States.

Russian-Born Tennis Champion
Anna Kournikova

The 20-year-old from the northern province of Friesland was allowed to go home because the charges weren't serious enough to hold him in jail, a police spokesman said. The man's name was withheld under Dutch privacy regulations. The Anna Kournikova virus, also known as VBS.SST@mm, is a VBS email worm that has been encoded using a virus creation kit.
The worm arrives as an attachment named AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs When executed, the worm emails itself to everyone in your Microsoft Outlook book. On January 26, the worm attempts to direct your Web browser to an Internet address located in The Netherlands. [More news on this topic...] [Index | Top of Page | QuickLinks? | Map]

20010206. RLI NEWS - Jerusalem, Israel. Ariel Sharon was elected today as Prime Minister of Israel. Ariel Sharon's name means "The Lion of God Sings His Song." For more information, click here to visit the Ariel Sharon Information Page at Resources for Life. [Index | Top of Page | QuickLinks? | Map]

200010203. RLI NEWS - Jerusalem, Israel. Recent Biblical and archaeological evidence now confirms that Jesus was, in fact, Jewish. For approximately 2000 years, followers of this first century Rabbi were apparently unaware that their leader was Jewish. This amazing discovery was made by Dr. Hadassah Hillel of the Zion Historical Research Institute. When asked about the discovery, Dr. Hillel explained, "It wasn't that difficult to figure out. Both his parents were Jewish going back many generations. He grew up in a Jewish community, and after he was of age, he continued to attend Synagogue and pursue Judaism as an adult. So, he was not only Jewish by birth, but someone who chose Judaism as a way of life. It's hard to believe nobody noticed this until now." Representatives of various Protestant and Catholic organizations have now made official statements apologizing for the oversight. Is the Pope Catholic? Maybe not! Apparently the Vatican was aware that Jesus was Jewish, but did not make the information public. This would explain why the Pope wears a Yarmulke (Jewish head covering). Jews who were in the process of converting to Christianity are being told to return to Synagogue, while many devout Christians are now in the process of converting to Judaism out of respect for their Jewish leader. "It's all very confusing," exclaimed one Baptist minister. Rabbi Ariel Cohen has seen his congregation increase dramatically, "It's really quite amazing. Jews who had left Synagogue to join churches are returning to Synagogue and bringing their Christian friends with them." A professor of Hebrew at a local university commented, "Part of my rejection of Jesus at any level was because he didn't seem to do much for Judaism or Jewish community. Historically his followers have been indifferent or even hostile toward Judaism. That's not a very good track record for someone who wants to be the Messiah of the Jewish people. It will be interesting to see what develops in light of this recent discovery." The North American based organization Christians for Judaism was also instrumental in this discovery. [Click here to visit Christians for Judaism.] (20010203) [Some journalistic liberties were exercised in the writing of this news article. Some of the names, places, and events, are fictitious.] [Index | Top of Page | QuickLinks? | Map]

20010126. The First Nations People news page has been updated. [click here] (20010126)

20010122. The Iowa Child Foundation Resource Group & Information Site has been updated. [click here] (20010122)

20001013. Special Report: Crisis in Israel & The Wisdom of Solomon. At the time of this writing, the land of Israel is in the midst of a crisis which has now sparked serious terrorist acts and violence in and against various nations around the world including: The United States, France, Britain, and others. In France alone, there have been some 22 anti-Semitic attacks in recent weeks. On Wednesday night vandals set light to the door of the synagogue in La Seyne-sur-Mer near Toulon. ... [click here] [Index | Top of Page | QuickLinks? | Map]

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