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Explore and discover transportation solutions for more effective living through the Life Mobility Transportation Group. This page is organized from simplest and greenest modes of transportation at the top to the more complex methods of travel toward the bottom of this page.

Small, Simple, Sustainable Living — Efficient and cost effective transportation is critical to living a simple and sustainable life. These resources can help.

Interest in Green Transportation — Increased concern about the environment has fostered a renewed interest in alternative and greener modes of travel and transportation. The high cost of petrol (gasoline) has caused people to search for more economical methods of travel. Those seeking more time in nature and less time in traffic and more time in parks and green spaces on trails and paths.


We offer information about a variety of transportation, travel, and commuting options. Click here for articles relating to mobility and transportation.

Green Transportation News

Here’s the latest news from Life Mobility and the world of transportation:


One of the healthiest and most efficient ways to get around is to walk. Many people relocate to live so that errands and the daily commute can be done on foot. We recommend the New Balance WR737 (women’s) or New Balance MR768 (men’s) running shoes. Both of these shoes are available at our online store ( women’s | men’s ). These shoes have the softest cushion we know of. To our knowledge, this series of running shoe is manufactured in California without animal products or exploitative sweatshop labor.

Bicycles. Bicycles are clean, quiet, fast, simple, and inexpensive mode of travel that benefits the commuter as well as the environment. Here are some useful links to bicycle related resources.

Bike Trailers

To enhance the capacity and usefulness of your bicycle, consider purchasing a quality bike trailer. Trailers like the one pictured here allow cargo to be protected from rain and road dirt. Most carts and trailers are easily attached and removed as needed.

Some trailers are designed for children and/or other tiny passengers such as pets. Prices can be from $200 to $500 or more. A bike trailer makes it possible to run errands such as grocery shopping or going to the laundromat – even further reducing your dependency upon automobile transportation. For some people, it may make it possible to eliminate dependence upon a car. Some respected providers of bike trailers are listed below.


Poor weather is probably the greatest deterrent to commuting by bicycle or on foot. All-season outdoor mobility requires specialized outer wear. Rain suits by FroggTogg are typically under $100. They are lightweight and breathable. O2 Rainwear by RainShield is also an excellent option as well.