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Summary. The Lifeways Resource Group explores how to get the best possible results from various belief systems and practices. The term “Lifeways” refers to the faith, religion, philosophy, world view, or belief system that governs your life. Click here for Lifeways Quotes, Articles, and Documents.

Grace and Ethics. Some religions place more emphasis on God’s forgiveness than our personal responsibility to be moral and ethical. There’s a humorous quote that expresses this sentiment: “I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.” Regardless of a person’s religion, we all need to act ethically and morally. When a religion is misinterpreted and/or incorrectly followed, this can lead to tragedies, war, and much suffering in the world. The resources here provide a way to explore and grow in religious views and practices that affirm humanitarian-based standards of living.

Our Resources. Here are some resource groups at Resources for Life that explore various lifeways: