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Resources for Life – Photography


Through the Iowa City Photographers Guild, we offer a variety of services, including support services to local photographers. We can help match you with local photographers well suited for your particular need or project.


We can help you learn more about how to improve your own photography with whatever camera you use. Individualized training as well as public trainings are offered.


Below we offer some helpful resources for novice and professional photographers, including some documents we’ve provided here on our website.


We charge an hourly rate, based on the Iowa City Technology Services Group. There will very likely be photographers in the area who charge less per hour, and perhaps some who charge more. Our public classes are free of charge and open to all.

The Power of Photography.

Pictures help us communicate more effectively. They are part of our work life and enrich our relationships with friends and family. They can bring laughter and joy as well as introspection and sadness. Pictures preserve our memories. They can stir our passion for a loved one. Pictures, like music and other arts, are a kind of medicine. The power of photography is a wonderful tool when properly harnessed.


Below are a few selected resources.

Lens Resources

Super Zoom Lenses

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