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Put Your Life on a Diet

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Book SummaryPut Your Life on a Diet: Lessons Learned From Living in 140 Square Feet by Gregory Johnson is the ultimate resource for living a simpler life as well as leaving behind a smaller environmental footprint and living a healthier life for you and the planet. [Buy Now]

Publisher’s Description. In this book author Gregory Paul Johnson guides us in five significant areas-housing, food, technology, utilities, and transportation — teaching us how to create a simpler life, reducing stress in our own lives and harm to the environment. Due to the pressures and complexity of life today, simplicity is being sought after like never before. Put Your Life on a Diet offers the tools to escape the “cookie-cutter” existence so many are living today and find peace in a simpler lifestyle.

Order A Copy. The book is available for purchase from Gibbs Smith, the publisher and also available through quality online vendors such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Or, better yet, ask you local bookstore to keep several copies in stock. The book is usually in-stock at Boarders, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores. Shopping locally helps build up your local community both economically and socially.

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The 140 square foot Mobile Hermitage where Gregory Johnson lived during the writing of this book. (click image to learn more)

Online Discussion Forum. There is now an online community discussion forum on Ning moderated by the author where you can post comments and questions.

Radio Interviews. Audio is now available for recent interviews with Gregory Johnson on ABC News AustraliaIowa Public Radio Book Reading/InterviewKRUU FMNational Radio in Ireland, and Public Radio Interview with Ben Kieffer from February 2007.

Author Bio. Gregory Paul Johnson is the founder and Director of Resources for Life, an outreach and public interest organization based in Iowa City, Iowa. His study of Urban and Regional Planning with the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA) included travel to several South American countries including Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Today, as a technology consultant, Gregory works for the University of Iowa as well as clients served by his consulting firm, the Technology Services Resource Group.

About the Publisher. Gibbs Smith Publisher has as their motto and mission statement, “To Enrich and Inspire Human Kind.” Their selection of books testifies to their effectiveness in reaching this goal, covering various topics such as energy conscientious sustainable design, gardening, green living, green-sustainable architecture, inspirational, notecards, outdoor recreation/survival, and vegetarian restaurant guides. In speaking about the publishing business, Gibbs M. Smith, Founder and President, had this to say, “I’ve always believed that publishing books is a privilege and a profession that everyone who works here appreciates and loves. I have always felt that the people who choose to work in the book industry self select that profession; to me it is more rewarding than any other form of work that I can imagine. We in the book industry deal with emotions, aesthetics, and human aspirations, and we convey this in a beautifully created package known as a book. We at Gibbs Smith, Publisher like to think that we handcraft each book.” Click here to learn more.

Search The Full Text. You can now search the full text of the book online at Amazon.

Facebook Group. Join the Facebook group for Put Your Life on a Diet.

20091014we-natural-home-magazine-2008-MayJuneNatural Home Magazine. The November/December 2009 issue of Natural Home Magazine features an article about Gregory Johnson’s book Put Your Life on a Diet: Lessons Learned From Living in 140 Square Feet.

The Mobile Hermitage. Many readers have inquired about the small house, the Mobile Hermitage, that is mentioned in the book. Click here to learn more about the Mobile Hermitage.

Media Coverage and Past Past Promotion Events. Below are a few of the media stories and events relating to the book and Gregory’s other simple living efforts.

  • Simple Living and Temperance. On 2 April 2009, Gregory Johnson delivered a presentation in La Crosse on the topic of simple living and temperance at the Virtues Conference on Temperance at Viterbo University. To hear the presentation as well as questions and answers (1 hr 21m), visit the audio page or right click here and choose save (37.3 MB). A video of the speech is also available (176 MB, requires high speed connection and free QuickTime). About Viterbo University: “Founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in 1890, Viterbo remains committed to its Catholic Franciscan values and its mission to provide each student with a quality liberal arts education rooted in the values of human dignity and respect for the world.”
  • University of Iowa Environmental Justice – Discussion. On 5 December 2008, Gregory Johnson participated in a class discussion about his book, Put Your Life on a Diet. [ Audio ]
  • Writers Voices, KRUU FM Interview with Gregory Johnson, 28 November 2008. “Writers’ Voices with Monica and Caroline warmly welcomes author Gregory Paul Johnson, as well as guest host Steve Cooperman, this Friday, November 28 at 1pm. Steve Cooperman is a former journalist and KRUU show host who is currently involved in numerous community projects. Steve put his own life on a diet about a year ago when he moved into a 500 sq ft cottage with a wood stove, close to the town square, greatly reducing driving miles.” [ AudioArticle ]
  • New York Times, “The Next Little Thing?,” 10 September 2008. “Gregory Paul Johnson, a founder of the Small House Society in Iowa City, said that the notion of very small houses becoming popular was ‘an absurdity’ five years ago. ‘But there are so many powerful forces at work right now,’ he added, ‘like rising energy costs and the mortgage crisis. I think people want small homes because they cost less to purchase, maintain, heat.’ In July, Mr. Johnson, who lives in a 140-square-foot house made by the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company of Sebastopol, Calif., took to the road to promote his vision of living small, along with Jay Shafer, Tumbleweed’s founder. The two men drove from Victoria, British Columbia, to San Diego, pulling Mr. Shafer’s house behind them on a trailer. (Tiny houses, which rarely have foundations, are often built on trailers.) Along the way they stopped to hold workshops and give (very brief) home tours. Some events drew hundreds of people.” [more…]
  • September 5, 2008 – Book Signing at Vortex Gifts in Iowa City.
  • July 11, 2008 – The official launch of Put Your Life on a Diet is scheduled for 7:00 PM, Friday, July 11, 2008 at Prairie Lights Books in Iowa City. [More…] Visit the WSUI Live From Prairie Lights website for instruction on how to listen to the broadcast. The Mobile Hermitage will be on location for viewing.
  • July 13-28, 2008 – Border to Border Tour
  • University of Iowa News Service, 27 June 2008. “In “Put Your Life on a Diet” Johnson addresses five issues — housing, food, technology, utilities and transportation — revealing ways that people can create a simpler life while reducing stress and causing less harm to the environment.”

Amazon Book Description Discrepancy. In 2008, the book cover on Amazon indicated 150 square. This was an error. The actual dimensions of the home are 140 square feet (10 feet by 7 feet, two floors).