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Summary. It could be said that our lives are made up of relationships. The chart above shows just some of the many relationships we establish and nurture throughout life. The Relationship Resource Group is committed to providing access to timely and progressive resources for strong relationships in all areas of life.

Documents. Our online archive of writings and quotes about relationships can be a source of inspiration and encouragement. Featured Articles. Below are some featured articles that express foundational themes.

Online Counseling. Here are resources for online counseling.

Meeting and Dating. There are a variety of websites available for meeting people online. Click here for our introduction to matchmaking, meeting, personals, and online dating websites.

Canadian Services

Genealogy. Regardless of how big or small your family is, or how far back you know your family history, it can be entertaining and educational to begin mapping our your family tree. Here are a few resources to help:

  • Ancestry.com – “Ancestry is a site dedicated to family history. It’s a place to learn about family members who came before. With more than 24,000 historical databases that include 5 billion names, the odds of finding a relative are pretty good. Aside from searching our historical records collections, you can easily organize your family history. Create detailed profiles for each family member, upload personal photographs and documents for safekeeping, add biographical timelines — even record and save oral histories and video.Not quite up to the task of gathering your family history by yourself? Take advantage of the Ancestry community or invite other family members into your tree to help and to share with them what you’ve already created.”
  • Birth-Death-SSN Lookup – “The most full-featured SSDI search engine on, the internet.”
  • FamilySearch.org – “FamilySearch.org is a non-profit service sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”
  • FamilyTree.com – General information about genealogy research with links to online resources.
  • Genealogy.com
  • Genealogy.org
  • Generations Network – The parent organization for MyFamily.com, Ancestry.com, Genealogy.com, RootsWeb.com and many other sites.
  • Geni.com – “Geni is a tool for understanding and staying in touch with your family. Geni lets you create a family tree through our fun simple interface. You can expand your tree by adding relatives’ email addresses. They will be invited to join your tree and can add other relatives. Your tree will continue to grow as relatives invite other relatives.Each family member has a profile which can be viewed by clicking their name in the tree. This helps family members learn more about each other and stay in touch. Family members can also share photos and work together to build profiles for common ancestors. Geni is private. Only the people in your family tree can log in to your tree and your profile. Geni will not share your personal information with third parties. We will not sell your email address or spam you. Users control which communications they would like to receive from us. Geni was founded by former executives and early employees of PayPal, Yahoo! Groups, Ebay, and Tribe. It is backed by venture capital firms Founders Fund and Charles River Ventures.”
  • Rootsweb.com

Greeting Cards

Marriage Resources

“Sometimes life presents us with a narrow path. Only when two become one can they share the path together.” ~ Gregory Johnson

FamilyParenting Resources. We recognize that some people don’t identify with the traditional family structure pictured here. For this reason, we also provide information that will help support non-traditional families, cooperative housing groups, and those in communal living.

  • Baby.com
  • BabyCenter.com
  • CafeMom. “CafeMom is a safe place for moms to share and connect with each other. Stay in touch with friends and reconnect with old friends. Make new friends – you may want to connect with moms who share your interests, age of kids, or live nearby. Personalize your homepage – express yourself! Upload photos. Post journal entries. Have a good time. Browse around and see what other moms are doing and saying. CafeMom was started by the same company that runs ClubMom, another leading mom’s website.” [about]
  • ClubMom.com. “ClubMom® is the premier online destination for moms, by moms — bringing together the best of what real moms have to say on topics they care about most. Through quality content submitted by thousands of mom contributors and the Web’s first mom-to-mom social network, moms find answers, support, and insight needed to help lead their busy lives.” [about]
  • ConnectingMoms. “ConnectingMoms.com is a … new social-networking website designed specifically for expecting, new, & savvy moms in mind. Our site allows members to set up unique, personal profiles describing their individual interests allowing them to build and establish bonds with other mothers.” [about]
  • Dads and Daughters. “…the only organization dedicated to maximizing the power and potential of father-daughter relationships. We support fathers and stepfathers no matter where they are. We work hard to make a better life for every girl. WE BELIEVE that all dads and daughters benefit when fathers and stepfathers actively and deeply engage in the lives of their daughters and help transform the pervasive cultural messages that devalue girls and women. WE HAVE A VISION of a future in which enriching and engaged father-daughter relationships create a solid foundation on which girls can soar as high as their imagination takes them – and a world in which no obstacle limits their dreams. WE ARE COMMITTED TO promoting supportive and healthy father-daughter relationships and providing tools and advocacy to fathers in order to help their daughters have greater opportunities for self-fulfillment.”
  • Family Education Network. “The web’s leading source of educational content and resources for parents, teachers, and kids.”
  • FamilySafeMedia.com. Filter almost any DVD to exclude sex and violence with the added benefit that it saves a lot of time when watching most movies.
  • FamilyThrive.
  • Fathering.org– The Center for Successful Fathering was founded in 1995 by Dr. Ron Klinger as a response to the growing number of children who were growing up without a father in their lives. Children need a balance of mothers and fathers in their lives. In 1960, over 80% of our nation’s children went to sleep in a home where both the biological mother and father were present. Today that number has dropped to less than 25%. Dr. Klinger found that children that have active and involved dads are:
    • More successful in school
    • More ambitious
    • More self confident with their respective male or female identities
    • Self-protective and self-reliant
    • Less likely to drop out
    • Less susceptible to peer pressure
    • Less likely to get in trouble with the law
  • GreatDad.com
  • Mothering Magazine.
  • MothersClick.com.
  • MVParents.com. Offered by Coors Brewing Company. “All parents want their children to succeed. But knowing how to help them make smart choices and avoid pitfalls isn’t always easy. That’s where MVParents.com comes in. Think of us as your trusted resource for raising smart, strong, responsible kids.”
  • Name Meanings and Choosing a Baby Name
  • Parenting.com. Website of Parenting Magazine.
  • Parents Place.
  • Pregnancy and Birthing Resources Page
  • SafeBaby.com – “A safe, non-toxic, eco conscious, holistic and healthy infant-baby-toddler blog for parents. Choose Safer Alternatives for your Child.”
  • Search-Institute.org. “Search Institute is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide leadership, knowledge, and resources to promote healthy children, youth, and communities. To accomplish this mission, the institute generates and communicates new knowledge, and brings together community, state, and national leaders. At the heart of the institute’s work is the framework of 40 Developmental Assets, which are positive experiences and personal qualities that young people need to grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.”
  • Working Mom’s Refuge.

Religious Family Resources

Movies, Television, and Video. These are some fun family friendly movies and videos about relationships.