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Small House Communities

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The Small House Movement has inspired the growth of many intentional small house communities. Below is a listing of existing small house communities. Also provided below is a listing for land owners wanting to develop tiny house communities, and a separate list of people seeking land to build on. Listings are by state and then city (or closest community). Please contact us if you know of any other resources that should be added to this list.

Companies and Organizations Promoting Small House Communities

Existing Small House Communities

  • California
  • Iowa
    • Fairfield, Iowa – Abundance-Ecovillage.com – “The idea for the Abundance EcoVillage Project was born of frustration and dissatisfaction with a way of living that is not healthy for the earth or it’s inhabitants. In a conventional home, subdivision, village, or city, the options provided for energy, water, waste handling, built environment, landscape, food, transportation, and a livelihood are grossly out of tune with the growing desire of many people to live as responsible citizens on the earth, in harmony with our planetary resources and our fellow creature inhabitants.”
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Oregon
    • Portland, OR. Division 43. “Our micro homes are a conscious commitment to a different way of building and living. The home designs are built with reclaimed and sustainable materials and share community resources.”
  • South Carolina
  • Washington

Lodging. Small living lodging opportunities.

  • Les Petites Maisons – “Les Petites Maisons are four cozy cottages just one mile from the Historic Sonoma Plaza.  They are each uniquely decorated with warm and cheery colors and are the perfect vacation rentals when visiting Sonoma.  Each cottage will comfortably accommodate one or two guests.  A two night minimum is required.”

People Offering Land for Small House Communities

  • No listings at this time.

People Seeking Land for Small House Communities

  • No listings at this time.

Resources for Small Communities

  • ElderCohousing.org – “Neshama Abraham and Zev Paiss co-founded The Elder Cohousing Network in August 2004. They are an experienced husband and wife team who have 25 years collectively in helping newly forming cohousing groups and developers create intentional sustainable neighborhoods. They both lost their own parents early and have learned to appreciate the presence of elders in community from their experience as cohousing residents.”
  • Intentional Communities – “Intentional Community is an inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, alternative communities, and other projects where people strive together with a common vision. This web site serves the growing communities’ movement, providing resources for finding a community home and creating more community in your life.”


Contributors. Thanks to Elaine at TinyHouseCommunity.com for editorial feedback on the above. (20110928we1600)