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Apple iPhone 4 Side controls and switch buttonsSummary. This page is the central directory location for a variety of iPhone support resources.

iPhone Clothing. Carpenter pants are the ideal clothing for the iPhone because they come with two side leg pockets that are the exact size of the iPhone. Cargo pants are good as well since they have pockets with flaps to ensure the iPhone doesn’t slip out when seated with legs up (such as a soft couch or bucket seats in a car).

Two iPhones are Better Than One. There are many benefits to having two iPhones.

  • Battery Life. If you’re using your iPhone throughout the day, having two gives you a full day of battery life.
  • Greeting. By having two iPhones and two separate phone lines, it is possible to have a published public phone number as well as a business phone number. This makes it possible to personalize your outgoing greeting message for personal calls or business calls.
  • Memory Storage. If you like having extra video, music, and photos, carrying two iPhones offers twice the storage.
  • Multitasking. If you’re frequently multitasking, you’ll find it’s nice to actually see and monitor two applications running at the same time.
  • Reliability. As you become increasingly dependent upon the efficiency of having an iPhone, having a backup ensures that you’ll be able to keep going even if one crashes on you.
  • Screen Size. Having two iPhones essentially doubles your screen size and turns the iPhone into a device with similar functionality as a multi-window operating system.

iPhone Support Documents. In addition to the iPhone Support Page on the Apple website, the following documents should prove to be useful. Some of these articles apply to earlier versions of the iPhone.

iPhone Support Websites. Below are some useful iPhone support websites.

  • AirTel – iPhone support in India
  • Apple iPhone Support Discussions | iPhone 4 | iPhone 3GS | iPhone 3G | Original iPhone
  • BestAppSite.com – “Welcome to BestAppSite, the website for reviews and news about iPhone and iPod Touch applications, available on the App Store.”
  • iPhoneUnlock2.com – “You can now unlock your iPhone 3G (and the new iPhone 2.2 Software Version is also supported)! This is not available anywhere else. Others claim they can unlock the iPhone 3G, but after you buy they tell you it’s coming soon or they try to sell you a TurboSIM which can damage your iPhone forever.”

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