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Need help with purchasing, configuring, fixing, or learning to use your Apple computer? Call (319) 621-4911 today! Or, use our handy contact form. We provide support to Iowa CityCoralville,North Liberty, and beyond (with remote support software).


The Apple Computer Resource Group provides sales, service, support, and training for Apple computer users in the Iowa City area. On this page, you will find access to specific news, links, information, products, and other relevant Apple related items. Please let us know of any comments or suggestions you might have.

Iowa City Apple Support

Looking for help with an Apple computer in the Iowa City or Coralville area? Contact the Technology Services Resource Group.

Shopping for Apple Products

Here are links to Apple products available on Amazon.

Product Support

Apple now has a unified support center called Express Lane. It’s a knowledge base that navigates you to answers and/or direct support chat sessions as needed.

Apple iPad Review. Our Apple iPad Review has been hugely popular. Click here to read it now.

Apple Quick Links. The following links provide easy direct access to destinations on the Apple website which can otherwise be a little difficult to navigate beyond the first level navigation options listed at the top of the Apple site.


Here are some emulators:

Sales. Places where Apple products can be purchased. Some provide product support as well.

Software. Specialty software for Apple computers.

  • AmbrosiaSW.com – Ambrosia Software for Apple includes numerous utilities and useful programs
  • ecamm phone view – “PhoneView also provides easy access to your iTunes media, photos, notes, SMS messages, call history and contacts. Drag and drop music, videos, notes and phone data from the iPhone to your desktop or just double-click to copy.”
  • MarkSpace.com – iPhone Missing Sync – “The Mac version of The Missing Sync for iPhone lets you easily transfer your important information and files — contacts and calendar, photos and more — from a Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Palm OS mobile device to iPhone. Archive text messages, call history and notes to your Mac, where you can do more with them. The Missing Sync for iPhone is a suite of data transfer tools you need!”
  • ShinyWhiteBox.com – makers of screen capture video recording software
  • SyniumSoftware.com – offers a variety of utilities including MacFamilyTree and CleanApp program removal software

News & More. Learn about Apple products and services.

Support Documents. Here is a list of selected support documents.

Support Providers. Apple support is provided nationally by Apple stores and resellers (listed above under sales). Click here for a list of support options for the Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty and surrounding areas.

Technical Support Resources. Below are software utilities to assist with data recovery and resolving system problems.


Most people consider Apple to be a simple computer and electronics company. However, some people consider Apple to be primarily a social change organization that gives donors electronics devices or computers based on the amount of their donation. The philosophy of Apple is one that promotes artistic design, creativity, cooperation, and progressive business practices. In fact, just about every aspect of their organization is over the top – Apple stores, for example. Was it bottom line thinking that produced those designs? Probably not. It’s the organizations evangelism to reform architecture. One day, the entire main page of their website was devoted to Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity rather than advertisements about selling computers. Recently the top news story on Apple’s website was about Apple’s latest initiative…. a new CPU? No… Defending the right for all people to marriage.

The computers are simply a “front” for this international social change organization. Their new environmental initiative has them building computers out of recyclable materials such as glass and aluminum. Many of their “members” are in the media and entertainment industry who offer free product placement of Apple products to help advance the organization’s mission and message. This would explain why almost 90% of all computers shown in the news, television shows, and movies are Apple – a number much larger than the company’s actual market share.

Think about their advertising campaigns, such as Think Different … “Here’s to the crazy ones, the rebels, the trouble makers, the ones who see things differently. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” … This coming from a computer company? I don’t think so.

Simplicity. The simplicity, minimalism, and effectiveness of Apple software and hardware generally inspires those who use it to look for ways to simplify their own lives.


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