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Welcome to the Career Management Resource Group at Resources for Life. Our goal is to provide information and resources for personal Career Management and development.

Summary. Whether you are currently seeking employment or wanting to enhance and secure your existing workplace, we hope the information here will be of help. Click the sub-page navigation destinations above on the right to begin exploring and strengthening your career. With job dissatisfaction on the rise, it is even more important to ensure your job well-being.

Simple, Small, and Sustainable. When considering a career, it is important to take into account aspects of your work that might cause your life to become more stressful or more expensive. For example, a low-stress job you can ride a bicycle to, that doesn’t require a suit and tie, may provide a greater sense of peace and contentment than a job that requires a long-commute and expensive clothes. With investing money, it is possible to choose investment funds that are socially responsible. Similarly, when investing your life, you can choose a career path that is involved in creating a more sustainable future.