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Remote Tech Jobs

Given the increased demand for remote tech jobs, we’ve added this category to our resources page. For now, we only have one resource to recommend in this category.

  • RemoteTechJobs.com — “At Remote Tech Jobs, we know remote work is the dream for many tech professionals and a problem solver for many companies. Our mission is to connect these two groups and make remote jobs more prevalent. … We’re headquartered in Utah, but we don’t have a company office. Our team works from home across the western hemisphere, from southeastern Brazil to the northeastern U.S. Because each of us at Remote Tech Jobs knows the satisfaction and success remote work can bring, we’re committed to bringing the opportunity to professionals and organizations around the globe.” [More]

Job Search Resources

Resume Resources

Small Business Ownership

Resources for building your own business.

  • Business Plan Center – Business Plan Software, Samples, and Strategy
  • More Business – MoreBusiness.com is an award-winning, one-stop resource website for entrepreneurs. Created in 1994, MoreBusiness.com is filled with sample business plans, marketing plans, templates, sample contracts and business agreements to help entrepreneurs start and grow a small business. MoreBusiness.com is part of a series of sites run by Khera Communications, which includes email marketing service, MailerMailer, and discussion group management tool, DiscussThis.

Career Movies

Here are some movies about choosing the right career.

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