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Community Solution

Humanity presently faces many challenges in areas of education, energy, environment, food, healthcare, housing, job training, and more.

While these challenges may each seem unique, the solution is always a community solution.

As an example, the COVID-19 global pandemic is a medical problem that certainly requires a medical solution, but almost more importantly we need a community solution to address the cascading impacts of the virus. Communities need to come together to manage wide ranging concerns about local economies, employment, food, housing, survival of local businesses, and caring for those who are most vulnerable. There is no vaccine that will address all of these concerns. Only a community solution will help us.

When Cuba was cut off from the supply of Russian oil in 1991, every aspect of their society was impacted. They were facing an energy problem, but they turned to a community solution that addressed education, food, healthcare, housing, job training, and more. Cuba’s experience is one we can all learn from. We can quite easily apply their approach to many of the challenges we face. To learn more, watch the video documentary “The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil.” [View]

Pursuing a community-based approach to addressing current challenges helps make our communities more resilient and organically prepared for future challenges. Resources for Life offers a variety of tools and solutions for building stronger communities that are data-driven and outcomes-based.