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The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

In 1991, the people of Cuba had to quickly embrace some sustainability initiatives that were necessary for survival at a time of great economic crisis which continued for about 9 years. This became known as the “Special Period” or Período Especial.

These initiatives impacted housing, transportation, healthcare, agriculture, education, commerce, and other areas of life. These are practices which are being utilized around the world because of their economic and environmental benefits.

We can learn a lot about ourselves and others in times of crisis. We can also learn a lot about a country by how it handles crisis. If you want to learn about Cuba, there is a documentary that examines how the Cuban people and government responded to their time of crisis.

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil” is a 2006 documentary that explores numerous sustainability practices and public policy initiatives. Learn more on Wikipedia, IMDB, or the official website for the documentary where you can purchase the DVD ($20) or view online with Vimeo ($5 rental / $15 purchase) which helps support the production cost. You can also donate to the production group.

Vimeo Online Streaming [RECOMMENDED]

The documentary can also be purchased in DVD format on Amazon [New or Used] for about $5 to $20, although this doesn’t provide as much support to those who produced it.

Given that many computers today no longer have DVD drives, and most people are watching content on Smart TVs with no DVD player, the Vimeo streaming option seems to be the most economical and convenient option.

Free Online Streaming

If you’re part of the YouTube ecosystem and want a way to watch the video online, YouTube user Sharni Day seems to have obtained the video somehow and posted it back in 2017. We’re providing the embedded YouTube version here with the request that you please make a donation to the organization that produced it. Thanks!

Roberto Perez Q+A in Auckland

The videos below are of a Q&A with Roberto Perez after a public screening of the video.







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