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Burka Avenger: “Justice, peace and education for all!”

In this new animated adventure series, a young Muslim woman with superpowers becomes “Burka Avenger.” Explaining her mission, she states, “Now, I use my powers for good. I stand for justice, peace and education for all. I fight against the forces of tyranny and ignorance… because I am Burka Avenger!”

Al Jazeera says Burka Avenger is “Like no other superhero before her.”

Ainy Jaffri Rahman (Voice behind Jiya / Burka Avenger Avenger) at the Int'l Emmy Awards 2014.
Ainy Jaffri Rahman (Voice behind Jiya / Burka Avenger Avenger) at the Int’l Emmy Awards 2014.

With English subtitles, you can practice your Hindi while enjoying this award winning action animation. Originally broadcast in Urdu, the Indian version will be dubbed in English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil, in order to maximize its reach.

She is perhaps the first superhero fighting to promote education for all, but we have some real life Muslim women on a similar mission.

In 2009, Queen Rania of Jordan launched 1GOAL and proclaimed that she wants to provide education for every child on the planet. Queen Rania is not alone. Others, like Malala Yousafzai are also actively campaigning for equal access to education.

Below are two episodes from the series. Visit Burka Avenger on Facebook or BurkaAvenger.com.

Episode 1 – Burka Avenger Prevents a School Closing

The first episode of the Burka Avenger, Season 01. In this episode Vadero Pajero and Baba Bandook conspire to shut down the girls school. Burka Avenger comes to the rescue and saves the day.

Episode 2 – Burka Avenger Fights Polio

Evil Baba Bandook kidnaps the polio health worker and steals the polio vaccines and hides them in the mammoth clock tower with the help of his giant robot (Roobot Zalminator). The dangerous polio virus is detected in Halwapur city and children are at risk. Burka Avenger comes to rescue in an epic adventure full of action, comedy and fun.

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By Greg Johnson

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