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Bevel Trimmer Evaluation and Comparison with Oster Cordless Clipper

A few days ago I pre-ordered the Bevel Trimmer for $179. It won’t ship for a few months, but I really wanted to do the pre-order so I could be among the first to receive the product.

To put this into perspective, the last three hair trimming products I purchased were about $10 each and run on AA batteries. So, $179 is a big jump in price for me.

What would compell a person to pay 1,700% more for a product that on the surface seems to accomplish the same task?

As a tech support person, I’ve been intrigued with how people (including myself) will spend $2,000 for an Apple laptop computer that on the surface seems to be similar in function to a $200 Windows laptop.

For me, making the decision to buy Apple products is driven by the following factors:

  • quality
  • durability
  • longevity
  • reliability
  • security
  • ease of use
  • intuitive experience
  • attractiveness of design
  • exceptional customer service
  • … and the knowledge that I’m supporting a company that is establishing transformational best practices for the industry while having a positive impact in our world.

Those are the same reasons I purchased the Bevel Trimmer.

Today I visited Sally Beauty, a local supplier of beauty products and salon equipment. I was curious to see what a professional cordless clipper/trimmer might cost. They had an Oster Lithium Ion “Juice” model trimmer normally priced at $195.99 (on sale for a few days at $99.99). The same trimmer is selling on Amazon right now for about $325.

The Oster trimmer delivers two hours of operation per full charge. By contrast, the Bevel Trimmer provides over 4 hours of constant power. The Oster clipper has a sticky rubber grip which catches hair and makes it more difficult to clean. The Bevel Trimmer has a smooth design that makes it easy to clean. The Oster doesn’t offer the easy tooless assembly that the Bevel Trimmer provides. It also lacks the precision of the Bevel Trimmer. For these and other reasons, the Bevel trimmer is clearly a better product with a much lower retail price than the Oster clipper. Today, I saw many other professional grade trimmers available for well over $200 that didn’t come close to having the features and elegant design that the Bevel Trimmer has. The Bevel Trimmer is a styling tool. It’s not designed like a traditional clipper (the kind used with plastic guards for hair cuts), yet the Oster offers a good baseline for comparison.

But the real question remains. Why would someone pay 17-times more money to make the step up to a higher quality best-in-class professional-grade product?

There’s something about Bevel that inspires people: the company, the mission, the leadership, the products. Beyond that, there’s a sense that Bevel isn’t just about company or a product. It’s a cause. It’s a movement.

Don’t take my word for it. Try their products. Read the BevelCode.com online magazine. Research the company and leadership. I’d be really surprised if your life isn’t changed.

For more, read Bevel – A Case Study in Brand Loyalty.


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By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com

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