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Summary. This page provides information about text to speech technologies.

  • AT&T Labs – A text to voice utility for demonstration purposes. Functions with English (US and UK), French, German, and Spanish text. There is also an option for English spoken with an Indian accent. The voice speaker “Crystal” is the most impressive.
  • Cepstral – Developers of various speech voices.
  • IBM Research in Text to Speech – “Text-to-speech (TTS) is the generation of synthesized speech from text. Our goal is to make synthesized speech as intelligible, natural and pleasant to listen to as human speech and have it communicate just as meaningfully. We have developed a novel TTS system, Naxpres, built on IBM’s successful work in data-driven methodologies for speech recognition. Our system obtains its parameters through completely automated training on a few hours of speech data, which is acquired by recording a specially prepared script. During synthesis very small segments of recorded human speech are concatenated together to produce the synthesized speech.”
  • Microsoft Text to Speech Packages – “Microsoft Reader for Tablet PC and Microsoft Reader for Windows-based PCs and laptops boast accessibility features that are bringing eBooks to more communities and providing a richer on-screen reading experience with additional TTS and Verbosity functionality. To enable Microsoft Reader to take advantage of existing speech technologies, you must install the Microsoft Reader Text-to-Speech (TTS) Package.”
  • Natural Readers – “NaturalSoft Ltd. was founded in Vancouver, BC Canada. Our mission is to deliver superior speech solutions for personal computers and portable devices.”
  • NextUp – Offering text to speech software for Windows or Apple
  • Read Speaker – “ReadSpeaker is an on-line service for speech enabling website content implemented on over 2000 websites world wide and used by millions of users every month.”
  • Voice Corp – “We have 8 years experience in speech-enabling online text content. Thanks to our applications, your online text content is converted on-the-fly and automatically into speech. We have a suite of different and very easy to implement web services that will make your content talk on computers but also on mobile devices.”
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By Greg Johnson

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