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EV Eco Impact Report 2024

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Summary This document highlights some of the concerns about the environmental and human impact of electric vehicle production. Closed Loop Lifecycle As much as possible, a closed loop lifecycle should be the goal for EV manufacturing. While materials will be brought into the manufacturing process, reuse and recycling of those materials going forward would reduce… Continue reading EV Eco Impact Report 2024

Energy Report 2024

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Summary This document provides news about emerging energy production technologies including new methods of utilizing nuclear power as a supplement to renewable energy sources. Some news from past years is included here for context. For more, read Nuclear Power News 2023. In April 2024, it was reported that California had experienced several periods of being… Continue reading Energy Report 2024

Artificial Intelligence Report 2023

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Summary At the start of 2023, there has been a flood of news about artificial intelligence reaching an unprecedented level. It’s clear that AI will become increasingly advanced and impactful. This document provides ongoing news updates about the state of AI. At the top of this document are some points to consider, followed by stories… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence Report 2023

Fusion Energy News 2022

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Summary This document provides current information about fusion energy. News stories are in chronological order below with source and date as the heading for each entry. “We were able to reach pressures more than two times the center of the sun and about 150 million degrees [Celsius].” This is about 10 times hotter than the… Continue reading Fusion Energy News 2022

Ukraine Tech Services 2022

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Summary In 2022, tech businesses based in Ukraine are likely noticing an increase in support as a result of positive global sentiments toward the country and growing awareness. You may have noticed on YouTube and other sites there are ads from online tech companies based in Ukraine, with some having logos that include the familiar… Continue reading Ukraine Tech Services 2022

Tech Industry Jobs Report 2022

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Summary In November 2022, massive tech industry layoffs resulted in many thousands of workers abruptly being without employment. This document provides news reports in chronological order with sources and dates as the entry headings. The Twitter News 2022 page has further details about layoffs in the company. Al Jazeera (26 Dec 2022) “Tech industry in… Continue reading Tech Industry Jobs Report 2022

Facebook News 2022

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Summary This page provides selected news about Facebook with a focus on the decline of the platform. On 9 Nov 2022, it was announced that 11,000 people would be let go from the company. In addition to the challenges of difficult economic times, social media platforms are encountering consumer fatigue. People are: More information is… Continue reading Facebook News 2022

Social Media Report 2022

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Summary This document provides information about the current state of social media platforms and how they impact society. Entries below are in chronological order by date posted to YouTube. The source used as the title for each entry. Some commentary at the top of the page explores this topic further. For more on this topic,… Continue reading Social Media Report 2022

Twitter News 2022

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Summary In the fall of 2022, Elon Musk bought Twitter. Some of the news leading up to the buyout, and management decisions that followed, resulted in Twitter gaining free headline coverage in multiple news cycles for an extended period. This page was created on 6 Nov 2022. OVERVIEW — This page provides selected news stories about… Continue reading Twitter News 2022

Small-Scale Solar 2022

Introduction There has been a rise of interest in small scale solar power systems. This has evolved in recent years and now we’re likely to see them become more commonplace. Here are a few factors that have driven the increased demand: All these factors have come together as a wave to produce consumer demand and… Continue reading Small-Scale Solar 2022

Replacing an Apple Mac Mini Intel Core i7 with an M1 Model

Summary In 2019, I purchased an Apple Mac Mini with an Intel Core i7 processor. After about six months of use, the computer started having reliability issues. Despite replacing the main logic board and memory, the problems have surfaced again. A few days ago, the system would freeze during startup. I finally got it working… Continue reading Replacing an Apple Mac Mini Intel Core i7 with an M1 Model