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Mediacom High Speed Internet MCHSI Business Internet Packages Cost


Summary. Mediacom High Speed Internet (MCHSI) has several Business Internet Packages to choose from. They are described below. This information is accurate as of 17 September 2008.

  • Business Basic. For $80 per month, you get one dynamic IP address and transfer rates of 4 megabits per second download and 640 kilobytes per second upload.
  • Business Plus. For $100 per month, you get two reserved (fixed) IP addresses and transfer rates of 7 megabits per second download and 896 kilobytes per second upload.
  • Business Advanced. For $140 per month, you get three reserved (fixed) IP addresses and transfer rates of 10 megabits per second download and 1.5 megabits per second upload.
  • Business Ultra. For $250 per month, you get five reserved (fixed) IP addresses and transfer rates of 12 megabits per second download and 2 megabits per second upload.

Adding Services. The cost of additional dynamic IP addresses is $5 per month. The cost of additional reserved (fixed) IP addresses is $10 per month.

Best Choice. The best selection of service for most businesses with low Internet bandwidth demand would be the Business Basic. Using an inexpensive router, many computers can share this one Internet connection. As long as their use is light and sporadic, it should work fine. If your business requires one or more fixed IP addresses for servers and/or printers, remember that you can set a fixed IP address using the inexpensive router. This works to satisfy the need for having fixed IP addresses within your office. However, the fixed IP address(es) would not be visible or available to the outside world. If you have a remote video surveillance or security system, or require a fixed IP address for outside access, then Business Plus, for $20 more per month, would be a good choice. Remember that the number of IP addresses offered is not necessarily the number of computers that you have.

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By Greg Johnson

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