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Download Google YouTube and Flash Video FLV in Safari

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Summary. Below are instructions for downloading videos that are in the FLV format from YouTube or Google Video. These instructions should work with any pages that have Flash (FLV) video embedded. The following instructions are based on the Safari browser.

  1. Go to the page where the video is found.
  2. Begin viewing the video.
  3. From the Window menu, choose Activity.
  4. One of the items listed will be larger in size that the other items. This is the FLV video. Double click on it and Safari will begin downloading the FLV file to your hard drive.

Programs such as YouTube Video Grabber from NiteOwl Software can convert FLV videos to other formats such as MOV (QuickTime). The support, availability, quality, and reliability of these may be questionable.

For reliable conversions, follow our instruction document, Convert Export FLV Adobe Flash Video to Apple QuickTime MPEG-4 AVI.

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By Greg Johnson

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