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Dell Inspiron 1545 Trend Micro Internet Security Removal Causes Wireless and Ethernet Internet Connection Communication Failure


Summary. The Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook computer comes with an evaluation (trial) version of Trend Micro Internet Security software. When the computer is first turned on, you’ll be asked if you want to agree to the license now, agree to the license later, or not agree to the license. If you do not agree to the license, you’re given an opportunity to remove the software. That removal will fail, repeatedly. The program is not listed in the Add/Remove Programs list. Attempting to use Uninstall from the Trend Micro Programs folder will not work. The Remove.exe file will not be found. Below are instructions to remove the software and avoid Internet connection problems.

Removal Instructions. Follow the instructions below to safely remove Trend Micro Internet Security.

  1. The only remedy for removing Trend Micro Internet Security is to obtain the special removal software from the removal support page their website. Download the file and lick on the downloaded file to expand it into a folder. Simply expanding it isn’t enough. There is no setup or easy instructions. So, find the TISTool.exe file and run that. This is explained on their removal support page mentioned previously. The TISTool utility may have four tabs to choose from instead of two as described on the removal support page. You’ll want to use the utility to remove Trend Micro Internet Security.
  2. Removing Trend Micro Internet Security will likely cause your computer to lose access to the Internet via the Wireless and/or Wired Ethernet connection. Windows will report the problem as being an issue with your network card drivers and suggest you reinstall them. Don’t do this. The problem is actually because Trend Micro has installed a configuration file in the Network Device Properties list, but the removal tool doesn’t remove this. So, it must be done manually. From Control Panel, find the Network Devices, right click and choose properties, and then remove any item that mentions Trend Micro from the list. It will likely be one item.
  3. Restart your computer, and your connection to the Internet should be working via your wired and/or wireless options.

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By Greg Johnson

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