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20090613sa-facebook-logo-wikipedia-wikicommonsSummary. Facebook is a social networking personal content management system that allows people to create their own online presence. Facebook Facebook Applications may be inadvertently added to your Facebook account, and can sometimes cause problems with Facebook operation.

Application Problems. The  Applications developed by Facebook for Facebook are generally fine. However, many of the applications generated by other parties encourage time draining procrastination activities such as sending and receiving flowers, hugs, or Karma. There are  also include various social networking games. Usually the applications are developed by people who want to put more advertising on your screen so they can generate more income. Some applications tap into your personal data, browsing history, and your personal network of friends. To streamline the operation of Facebook, and reduce the amount of superfluous time spent online, it is best to remove applications you don’t really need. Some applications are extensions to the core features of Facebook such as Superwall.

Application Removal. Follow these instructions to remove applications from Facebook:

  1. Point to Settings in the upper right corner near Logout. A menu will drop down.
  2. Click on Application Settings.
  3. You will be taken to a list of recently used Applications. Review this list and make sure they are applications you would really like.
  4. From the drop-down list, you can select other ways to list the Applications such as: Bookmarked, Added to Profile, Authorized, Allowed to Post, and Granted Additional Permissions.
  5. Some applications are developed by Facebook and should work fine without causing slow performance or errors. Applications that are not developed by Facebook may results in additional advertising to show up on your screen. They might also be granted control over your Facebook account data in undesirable ways.

Desirable Facebook Applications. The desirable Facebook applications are:

  • Photos – Your Facebook photos.
  • Groups – The Facebook Groups you belong to.
  • Events – Helpful to know what events are going on among your network of friends.
  • Kiva – The Microlending organization
  • My Stuff – This is generally okay because it allows third party gadgets to be added.
  • Gifts – Allows online giving.
  • Links – Your list of links.
  • Notes – You can use this to post notes to your wall for visitors to see.
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By Greg Johnson

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