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HP iPaq Wireless WPA2 Setup for University of Iowa

These instructions are for configuring an HP iPaq 111 Classic handheld with WPA2 wireless at the University of Iowa.

1. Reset the device if necessary.

2. Ensure that WLAN is on.

3. Go to the home screen.

4. Choose settings from the start menu.

5. Choose the Connections tab.

6. Select WiFi. A list will show the identified Wireless networks that are in range. Below these will be any saved configurations for networks that are no longer in range. To delete any of these, click and hold until a menu pops up. If desired, choose Remove Settings to remove the saved configuration.

7. Select UI-Wireless-WPA2 (this replaces the UI-Wireless-WEP wireless on campus)

8. The first screen should indicate that this network connects to the Internet. Click Next.

9. The second screen should indicate Authentication: WPA2 and Data Encryption: AES. The other settings are shaded out. Click next.

10. The third screen should indicate EAP type: PEAP. The Properties button doesn’t seem to work. This is perhaps because the properties are configured automatically. Click Finish.

11. Click the OK button in the upper right corner to close out the WiFi configuration window.

12. Click the X box in the upper right corner to close the Connections Settings window. This should reveal the home screen.

The University of Iowa ITS Help Desk website also has instructions regarding wireless for Pocket PC devices on campus.

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By Greg Johnson

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