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A Brain Injury Turned Jason Padgett Into a Math Savant

Jason Padgett was unable to get healthcare in the U.S. because his brain injury was considered a pre-existing condition. So, he went to Finland to get care for free. His story is amazing. Watch the videos below to learn more.

Today Show with Megyn Kelly – 24 Aug 2018

Jason Padgett grew up struggling in school — until one night in 2002 when he was attacked in a bar and everything changed. Padgett said after the incident, he was using areas of the brain he didn’t previously have access to; he experienced choppy vision, was drawing intricate shapes and was seeing complex mathematical objects everywhere. Dr. Darold Treffert, a world renowned expert on savants, later diagnosed Padgett with acquired savant syndrome, which explained Padgett’s new skills. Padgett joins Megyn Kelly TODAY to share his story. [Source: Today Show with Megyn Kelly, YouTube, 24 Aug 2018]

TED Archive – 1 Nov 2016

Jason Padgett wasn’t a good student, and for the longest time he was proud of living a life a mile wide and an inch deep. But after a head injury he developed, among other things, a fascination with mathematically generated imagery and a newfound love of learning. Hear his personal theory of math, fractals and everything. [Source: “How math saved my life,” Jason Padgett, Ted Archive 1 Nov 2016]

TEDx Talks – 12 May 2016

Jason Padgett explains relativity, and uses the Doppler Effect to demonstrate how every potential can be any reality. [Source: “Alternate Realities from Relativity,” Jason Padgett, TEDx Talks, 12 May 2016]

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