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Anti Wrinkle Cream Advertisement Promises Decades of Age Reversal is Example of Misleading and Offensive False Advertising – and now Natalie Portman’s Dior mascara ad banned

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Before and After Advertisement for Wrinkle Creams

Summary. Among the many examples of false and misleading advertising, perhaps the most glaring example are the animated anti wrinkle ads seen on many websites.

Example. The example shown here illustrates the before and after representation of the product’s effectiveness. Interestingly, the advertisement includes a disclaimer stating “Simulated Imagery. Results not typical.” That might be a good definition of what false advertising is: the simulated representation of something that doesn’t represent anyone’s actual experience with a product or service.

Medical Assessment. The Mayo Clinic report on wrinkle creams suggests that some benefits can be gained by certain ingredients contained in most anti-wrinkle creams.

Products. A Google search of anti wrinkle cream products results in over 30,000 items. Narrowing the search to anti wrinkle eye cream products results in about 10,000 products. Given such a wide selection of products, consumers are understandably confused about what product to use.

Culture. Traditionally, wrinkles have been a sign of age and wisdom that garner respect. However, since a respect for the natural aging process does not result in product sales, it’s been the central mission of the beauty, glamor, and makeup products industry to equate beauty with smooth skin and ugliness with wrinkled skin to scare people into purchasing products. This fear campaign waged against our elderly has been largely successful worldwide.

Marketing. In the same way that the Dairy Council helps promote the public consumption of diary products without representing any particular company or brand, the television and entertainment industry serves as the Anti Wrinkle Council to help promote people’s fear of wrinkles and dependency on expensive products.

Stop Anti Wrinkle Product Dependency. We hope you’ll join us in helping to end the dependency on anti wrinkle products. However, if you choose to use these products, we’ve offered links to advertisements below!

Natalie Portman Ad Banned. On 23 October 2012, Natalie Portman’s ‘misleading’ Dior mascara ad banned in the U.K. by the Advertising Standards Authority, a consumer advocacy watchdog organization. The ruling on the ad concluded that the removal of the ad was sufficient action.


Document History. This document was first published on 16 November 2009 @ 1750. It was updated to include news of Natalie Portman’s banned mascara ad on 20121024we0215.

By Greg Johnson

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