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Simply Car-Free by Tammy Strobel is the Ultimate Guide to Bicycling as Transportation

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Summary. Simply Car-Free by Tammy Strobel is a comprehensive guide to car-free living.

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Biking Benefits. Choosing to live close to your work makes it possible to ride a bicycle (or walk) for daily commuting. This simple life decision is an example of lifestyle activism that can impact every area of your life. Riding a bicycle daily for transportation and fun offers the following benefits:

  • saves time
  • saves money
  • improves health
  • reduces stress
  • increased safety (when making smart choices about where you ride)
  • reduces noise pollution
  • reduces air pollution
  • takes up less room
  • creates a more enjoyable commute
  • increases oxygen intake

These are just a few benefits of riding a bicycle instead of driving a car. To learn more, get a copy of Simply Car-Free by Tammy Strobel.

Testimonial. Below is a testimonial from Gregory Johnson about the book.

I received a PDF copy of Simply Car-free from Tammy and was delighted to read her book. It reminds me of my own journey to life without a car. This book is quite comprehensive since Tammy goes through just about everything a person might encounter when choosing to ride a bicycle as their primary means of transportation.

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By Greg Johnson

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