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Recycling Report 2024

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Summary This document provides information about recycling benefits, options, and challenges. Some recent investigative news reports about recycling reveal some inefficiencies and failures of our current recycling efforts. Most of those news stories focus on plastics. A person could get discouraged by these reports and stop recycling completely. Despite some discouraging news about recycling, we… Continue reading Recycling Report 2024

EV Eco Impact Report 2024

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Summary This document highlights some of the concerns about the environmental and human impact of electric vehicle production. Closed Loop Lifecycle As much as possible, a closed loop lifecycle should be the goal for EV manufacturing. While materials will be brought into the manufacturing process, reuse and recycling of those materials going forward would reduce… Continue reading EV Eco Impact Report 2024

Future Report 2024

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Summary This document is intended to offer news and information about innovations and technologies that can serve future generations and improve quality of life. Initially there are some videos from a PBS series that present realistic and positive future outcomes. A Brief History of the Future The videos below are from the six part series… Continue reading Future Report 2024

Climate Impact on Mental Health 2023

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Summary Climate extremes and severe events have resulted in anxiety for young people concerned about their future. Young people may have a feeling of doom when considering social unrest, political unrest, and extreme environmental events. In addition to these concerns, there are additional stresses for climate migrants who have been displaced from their homes dues… Continue reading Climate Impact on Mental Health 2023

Population Report 2023

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Summary Population topics and issues are regularly in the news. This page offers news and reports for 2023. For more, read Population Report 2022 and also the Population Resources page. Gardening The gardening image at the top of this page shows quality of life that’s made possible by clean air, quality soil, flourishing pollinators, food… Continue reading Population Report 2023

Eco News 2023

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Summary This document provides environmental news and information including news of droughts, flooding, rising oceans, and more. Entries are listed in chronological order with source and date in the heading. For information on flooding, read “Flooding News 2023.” Last year’s eco reports include: 2023 News CNBC (14 Nov 2023) “Why Oil Giants Shell And BP… Continue reading Eco News 2023

Fusion Energy News 2022

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Summary This document provides current information about fusion energy. News stories are in chronological order below with source and date as the heading for each entry. “We were able to reach pressures more than two times the center of the sun and about 150 million degrees [Celsius].” This is about 10 times hotter than the… Continue reading Fusion Energy News 2022

Population Report 2022

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Summary This document provides some news and information about the state of our global population. Information below is listed chronologically with the most recent at the top. Entry headers include source and date. Some commentary for context is at the top of this document. This document is a companion to a longer population reference guide… Continue reading Population Report 2022

Ecosystem Restoration Report 2022

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Summary This document provides recent reports on ecosystem restoration. Additional news and reports may be added to this page as they become available. 60 Minutes (23 Oct 2022) “Rebuilding an ecosystem in America’s grasslands” — The nonprofit American Prairie is working to restore the ecosystem full of bison, prairie dogs, and birds that once thrived… Continue reading Ecosystem Restoration Report 2022

Wildlife Habitat News 2022

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Summary This page offers general reports of wildlife habitat news and the condition of various species around the world. Additional news will be added over time. BBC News (13 Oct 2022) “Wildlife in decline by almost 70% since 1970, says report” — Animal populations across the world have dropped by almost 70% since 1970, according… Continue reading Wildlife Habitat News 2022

Green Energy Report 2022

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Summary This page provides an ongoing update with curated recent news, reports, and commentary about the state of green energy. Here we share some of the concerns shared by green energy proponents. Emerging technologies are assessed for their usefulness and long-term viability. Content is listed in chronological order with headings identifying source and date. Deutsche… Continue reading Green Energy Report 2022