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ResourcesForLife.com is Now Using Wind Power for Electricity and Energy Transcendence

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Summary. We’re going beyond carbon neutral. In fact, we’re so far beyond carbon neutral that we’re carbon transcendent. By calculating the energy usage for hosting our web site and the electricity used for maintaining our other operations, it’s possible to pay for clean wind energy to power everything we do and a bit more.

Change is Mainstream. Wind power has been embraced by established power companies like BP. With energy offsets and power credits, now anyone can purchase clean energy credits.

Bookstore. We recently expanded our bookstore to include a comprehensive selection of books on wind power and other renewable energy sources.

Buying Clean Power. Organizations like Community Energy make it possible for businesses and individuals to choose clean power.

Community Energy has been leading renewable energy development since its founding in 1999. By initiating and expanding the voluntary market for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), Community Energy leveraged consumer choice to build demand for new wind projects. Together with our customers and partners we help bring the benefits of clean energy to the US.

Community Energy developed and built some of the first utility scale wind farms throughout the Northeast and into the Midwest. By 2006, Community Energy completed construction of its first wind development projects, and had a pipeline of 2,000 Megawatts of new wind energy projects for development. International renewable energy leader Iberdrola Renewables acquired and built out the Community Energy pipeline between 2006 and 2009, bringing billions of dollars of new investment annually to the U.S wind industry.

Community Energy continues to lead the development of both utility and customer scale wind and solar energy projects with the support of our customers and utility partners. We are continuing to make a renewable energy future a reality. [More…]

Learn More. We have a variety of books in our bookstore about wind power. Click here for all books about wind power.

One of the top selling books about this subject is Wind Energy Basics, Second Edition: A Guide to Home and Community-Scale Wind-Energy Systems by Paul Gipe.

The availability of clean, renewable power is without question going to be the defining challenge and goal of the 21st century, and wind will lead the way.

Internationally acclaimed wind energy expert Paul Gipe is as soberly critical of past energy mistakes as he is convincingly optimistic about the future. The overwhelming challenge of transforming our world from one of fossil carbon to one of clean power seems daunting at best—and paralyzingly impractical at worst. Wind Energy Basics offers a solution.

Wind power can realistically not only replace the lion’s share of oil-, coal-, and naturalgas– fired electrical plants in the U.S., but also can add enough extra power capacity to allow for most of the cars in the nation to run on electricity. Gipe explains why such a startlingly straightforward solution is eminently doable and can be accomplished much sooner than previously thought—and will have the capacity to resuscitate small and regional economies.

Wind Energy Basics offers a how-to for home-based wind applications, with advice on which wind turbines to choose and which to avoid. He guides wind-energy installers through considerations such as renewable investment strategies and gives cautionary tales of wind applications gone wrong. And for the activist, he suggests methods of prodding federal, state, and provincial governments to promote energy independence.

This photo of a wind farm in Northern California was taken during our 2008 sustainability tour of the west coast from Canada to Mexico.

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com