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Jamie Oliver Promotes His Recent Vegetarian Cookbook

Jamie Oliver is making appearances on daytime and evening talk shows to promote vegetarian cooking.

The View

The international chef serves up meat-free dishes from his “Ultimate Veg” cookbook. Get some of Jamie Oliver’s recipes and start cooking. (8 Jan 2020)

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Chef Jamie Oliver, whose new cookbook, “Ultimate Veg,” celebrates vegetables, teaches Stephen how to make some delicious veggie meals that also include a little whiskey. (8 Jan 2020)

Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s new book is out, and it’s fair to say he’s pretty excited! Check out this video for a little sneak peek into some of the incredible recipes, all celebrating the wonderful world of VEG! Jamie takes us through some of the dishes with the Food Team at hand to help out and talks about the book in detail too. (22 Aug 2019)

By Greg Johnson

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