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Seven reasons to buy the new recipe e-book from Sadia Badiei of Pick Up Limes

The new eBook from Sadia Badiei of PickUpLimes.com offers many compelling reasons to purchase your own copy of the cookbook. [Buy]

  1. Illustrations. The book is delightfully and cheerfully illustrated. Everyone enjoys great illustrations, right?
  2. Health. If you start eating these delicious raw food plant-based meals and drinks it’s likely you’ll feel a positive difference in your energy level and clarity of mind. 
  3. Kombucha. There’s actually an instruction guide for how to make Kombucha at home, as well as some other delicious and nutritious beverages.
  4. Photos. If you’re a photographer, and particularly if you’re a foodie photographer, this book is loaded with beautiful high quality photos that will inspire you to take your photography to the next level.
  5. Publishing. If you’re an author, editor, designer, or publisher, you’ll want a copy of this book to serve as an example of exceptional quality in book layout and design. The colors, font choices, use of photos, and illustrations are exquisite. The eBook aspect of the book allows hyperlinks to locations in the book or YouTube videos.
  6. Recipes. There are over 200 great recipes in the book that will help advance your skills and creativity in the kitchen, and make you a foodie hero at the dining table.
  7. Value. For about $9 US, you’ll get an amazing 561-page PDF which is downloadable in four versions that are optimized for print, smartphone, tablet, computer, or supersized displays.

You can order the eCookbook on Sadia’s website and download it immediately. [Buy]

In addition to the above 7 reasons, you’ll be helping support a creative team of people who are making great content on YouTube and elsewhere. 

Note: This is not a paid post or part of a link-exchange or affiliate program. We’re just excited about the Pick Up Limes content and cheerful positivity, so we want to promote it.

Learn More

Here are some links to learn more about Sadia Badiei:

If you’re a videographer, photographer, web designer, or online creator, the above links will offer an abundance of inspiring examples that will motivate you to take your own content to the next level.


Below are some of the cooking videos produced by Sadia. These are shared below as playlists, so you can skip from one episode to the next.


The video below was posted by Epidemic Sound and covers Sadia’s rise to fame. 






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