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Seven reasons to buy the Pick Up Limes App

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The Details

The new app from Pick Up Limes is now available in the Apple App Store for iPhone [View in App Store] and as of October 2023, the app has 356 reviews with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

The app will soon to be in the Google Play Store for Android. [Android] For now, Android users can still enjoy the Pick Up Limes website and YouTube videos.

The app subscription is $3.99 monthly or $32.99 per year. This seems like a great value for what the app provides, and it’s an easy way to support the wonderful global work of the Pick Up Limes team.

One App. Many Functions.

The app has over 900 plant-based recipes, with a new recipe added each weekday. When you choose a recipe, or several, a shopping list is generated based on the ingredients you’ll need. There is a “nourishment wheel” to visualize nine categories of food and nutrients. Below are seven reasons to get the app.

7 Reasons to Get The App

  1. VALUE — When the Pick Up Limes e-book was released a few years ago, it included 200 recipes for about $10. The app gives you access to over 900 recipes and many more features for about $4 per month or $33 annually. If you’re committed to a plant-based diet long-term, having access to many recipes and tools are essential to sustaining food diversity and avoiding mundane repetitive meals.
  2. PREPARATION — There are detailed instructions on how to prepare the various meals. This offers experiential education that can help people innovate and become more skilled in the kitchen.
  3. PHOTOGRAPHY — If you’re a photographer, and particularly if you’re a foodie photographer, the app is loaded with beautiful high quality photos that will inspire you to take your photography to the next level.
  4. APP DESIGN — For anyone interested in app design, this is a beautiful and simply designed app that could be used as a general guide. The color palette, fonts, layout, and flow are quite good.
  5. HEALTH — If you start eating the delicious plant-based meals and drinks described in the app, it’s likely you’ll feel a positive difference in your energy level, clarity of mind, and overall wellbeing.
  6. MINDSET — If you’ve been brought up with a traditional four food groups perspective, the Nourish wheel of nine food areas to consider will help expand your thinking about your own personalized foundation of foods to rely on.
  7. IMPACT — As explained in more detail below, the Pick Up Limes team and mission are having a much needed positive global impact. Purchasing the app is a simple way to support and promote their work.

Pick Up Limes Impact

Here are a few ways that Pick Up Limes seems to have a much needed positive impact on the world.

  • CHEERFUL — The video content and photos convey a sincere cheerful positivity that is uplifting and creates a positive mindset. This is complemented by the very high quality colorful photos of food. Putting people in a positive mood has great value.
  • INTERNATIONAL — The Pick Up Limes team consists of a diversity of people from many cultures and nations cooperatively working together. That’s something we need more of. They are based in the Netherlands which is ranked at #4 among all countries for positive impact by the Good Country Index. [View Ratings]
  • RELATIONSHIPS — The Pick Up Limes approach to eating seems to be based on relationships. The farmer has a relationship with plants and the earth. We have a relationship with vendors at the farmers market. We prepare food together and enjoy it with family and friends. All these relationships nurture us and foster a better society.
  • WELLNESS — The quiet revolution of plant-based nutritious foods helps promote better health for humans and the planet.

Learn More

Here are some links to learn more about Sadia Badiei:

If you’re a videographer, photographer, web designer, or online creator, the above links will offer an abundance of inspiring examples that will motivate you to take your own content to the next level.


Below are some of the cooking videos produced by Sadia. These are shared below as playlists, so you can skip from one episode to the next.


The video below was posted by Epidemic Sound and covers Sadia’s rise to fame. 





Original Post from 2020

NOTE: This page was first posted on 12 Jan 2020 with a focus on the eBook from PUL. It seemed to be quite popular at that time. The e-book is no longer available, but the information from Jan 2020 remains below for reference. The old product page for the eBook was at PickUpLimes.com/e-book but it doesn’t exist now.


The new eBook from Sadia Badiei of PickUpLimes.com offers many compelling reasons to purchase your own copy of the cookbook.

  1. Illustrations. The book is delightfully and cheerfully illustrated. Everyone enjoys great illustrations, right?
  2. Health. If you start eating these delicious raw food plant-based meals and drinks it’s likely you’ll feel a positive difference in your energy level and clarity of mind. 
  3. Kombucha. There’s actually an instruction guide for how to make Kombucha at home, as well as some other delicious and nutritious beverages.
  4. Photos. If you’re a photographer, and particularly if you’re a foodie photographer, this book is loaded with beautiful high quality photos that will inspire you to take your photography to the next level.
  5. Publishing. If you’re an author, editor, designer, or publisher, you’ll want a copy of this book to serve as an example of exceptional quality in book layout and design. The colors, font choices, use of photos, and illustrations are exquisite. The eBook aspect of the book allows hyperlinks to locations in the book or YouTube videos.
  6. Recipes. There are over 200 great recipes in the book that will help advance your skills and creativity in the kitchen, and make you a foodie hero at the dining table.
  7. Value. For about $9 US, you’ll get an amazing 561-page PDF which is downloadable in four versions that are optimized for print, smartphone, tablet, computer, or supersized displays.

You can order the eCookbook on Sadia’s website and download it immediately.

In addition to the above 7 reasons, you’ll be helping support a creative team of people who are making great content on YouTube and elsewhere. 

Note: This is not a paid post or part of a link-exchange or affiliate program. We’re just excited about the Pick Up Limes content and cheerful positivity, so we want to promote it.

Document History

This post was originally created on 12 Jan 2020 and had many readers due to the popularity of the Pick Up Limes e-book. The original post title was “Seven reasons to buy the new recipe e-book from Sadia Badiei of Pick Up Limes.”

On 15 Oct 2023, the page has been modified to promote the Pick Up Limes app since the e-book is no longer available.

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com

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