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Audio Recording Equipment for Podcasting

Podcasting production requires audio recording equipment with a high level of quality because unlike video, the listener is focused on the entirety of the sound quality without any visual to draw their attention. Below are some suggestions for creating a simple high quality recording, and a brief introduction to the service you’ll need to get started.

Podcasting Services

There are dozens of podcasting services that let you upload your audio and distribute to the top podcast directories. Free hosting is available, but the best features and ad-free delivery are usually paid services. Content producers will typically get a channel on an existing website, or create their own website as the portal for their recording. Wix has a good article listing some of the best known podcast service providers. You may want to check out Buzzspout as a starting point because you can easily get distributed to iTunes, Amazon, and other directories and their interface is simple.

iPhone Voice Memos (Free)

If you have an iPhone, you could use the included Voice Memos app to make your podcast recordings, then upload them to Buzzsprout or your service provider of choice.

Digital Voice Recorder ($50 – $100)

A digital voice recorder may produce better audio than an iPhone, and give you a little more control over some recording settings. The Sony ICD-PX470 ($50) has stereo recording capability and may work well for two people. [View/Buy] The Sony ICDUX560BLK recorder ($100) may produce slightly better audio. [View/Buy] There are other voice recorders available, and some come with a compatible cavalier lapel mic that can help create a clearer more focused recording. [View/Buy]

Microphone for iPad or iPhone ($150 – $550)

It’s possible to use an iPhone or iPad with an accessory microphone like the Sure MV88 for $150. [View/Buy] If you plan to interact with your phone while recording your podcast, to respond to a text message, look something up, or have a guest on speakerphone, then you’ll likely want a dedicated iPad as your recording system. On Amazon, a 10.2 inch iPad with 128 GB memory is currently $329 instead of $429. [View/Buy] Otherwise, you could use just about any relatively new iPad or iPad mini available on Amazon. [View/Buy]

Dual Microphones with Mixer ($370)

For more professional results, having professional microphones and a mixer plugged into a computer would work well. A good choice would be the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen 8×6 USB Audio Interface Podcast Bundle as shown below for about $370. [View/Buy] With this system you would also need to use the free Audacity software to capture and edit the recording on a computer.

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com

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